Leveraging Association Memberships 
April, 2014 

Carefully selecting associations and leveraging your memberships can yield great results for your marketing efforts. Read on for some tips and insights about getting the most out of your association memberships and choosing the best association for you.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Association Memberships?

Do you find yourself paying for memberships only to look back at year's end wondering what kind of return you got on that investment?


Association memberships can be very valuable so long as your organization is taking advantage of all they have to offer. They help with branding, build your network and provide a resource for industry information. Here are a few ways to help you maximize your memberships.

First, show up. It is easy to pass off association meetings for more pressing business, but putting a face to your company name is invaluable. Having your logo appear on a flyer or slide deck is not maximizing your association membership. Association events provide you the opportunity to network and meet others within your industry.  Read more...
Selecting an Association

Professional associations can be an important part of your business development strategy. Sponsoring them often requires a significant investment of finite marketing funds, so picking the right association(s) is important. Further, evaluating the total investment required to make your sponsorship pay off must be considered up front. 


Start by considering what you hope to achieve by sponsoring the association. Is it more important to develop your network on a local level or statewide? Are you more concerned with achieving legislative results, developing professional education or finding new business opportunities? Having a strong sense of your goals will improve your ability to measure the return on your investment. Once you know what you hope to achieve, the following four steps will help you to determine if a given association is the right match for you.


1 - Evaluate the Membership

Review the list of members looking for prospective clients and potential industry partners, as well as competition. What is your total participation costs divided by the number of prospective clients? Are there a lot of competitors in the association or is it a greenfield of opportunity? If no competitors are in sight, is it because they tried and found there was not much to be gained with the association membership or is the association simply an untapped resource? Read more...  


We are big believers in the power of associations to reach the market. Tripepi Smith sponsors the Municipal Management Association of Northern California, Municipal Management Association of Southern California, California City Management Foundation, League of California Cities, California Contract Cities Association and the Association of California Cities, Orange County. It represents a substantial marketing investment for Tripepi Smith, but these associations met our criteria for sponsoring.

If you need help selecting associations to join or maximizing your membership, give us a call to learn what Tripepi Smith can do for you. 

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