What Does Marketing Mean to You?
March, 2014 

How do you view your marketing department?
Is it simply where brochures are made to look nice? Or is it responsible for capturing special moments, building a fan base, empowering your supporters, and creating content that leads the world to your doorstep? 
If it's been a while since you thought about your marketing efforts, read on for a few ideas on what marketing professionals are up to these days, both online and off. 
Marketing Assets


I used to work for a CEO who referred to the marketing department as the "Crayon Department." He was joking, of course, but in a lot of organizations, marketing is viewed as a necessary evil or a bottomless pit of expense. This feeling comes from the challenge of linking marketing expenses with revenues. In a murky world of "brand value" and "reputation management," it can be difficult to determine ROI for a full-page ad in a magazine or the sponsoring of a reception. 

It is important, therefore, to see that marketing does in fact generate significant assets for your organization, and that a number of them are tangible. Consider the following list of six marketing assets, and whether your current marketing efforts are working for you in a measurable way. 


Qualified Contacts - Having a strong contact database is a huge asset for your organization. It can put key information and people at the fingertips of the sales team and senior management. Read more...


Marketing is Mobile
There's a very good chance you are not reading this on a desktop computer.

According to a 2013 PEW research study, 63% of adult cell phone owners use their phones to go online. A full 34% go online almost exclusively with mobile devices, completely forgoing their desktops and laptops. Now, more than ever, marketing is mobile, and there a few simple things you can do to make sure your organization is too.

Make Sure Your Website is Responsive
A website is considered responsive if it automatically adjusts to fit the size screen you are viewing it with. For instance, if you're on a desktop computer you get the full site in all of its glory, laid out before you. If, however, you happen to be working on a 7-inch Google Nexus, the site rearranges itself to present important information in an attractive way and tuck away more detailed content that there simply isn't room for. Smaller still, if you switch to working on your smart phone, the site responds by scaling even further. An important thing to note is that responsiveness is not simply making your full-size site smaller until the font is unreadable. Read more...  

Marketing involves much more than making things pretty. If your efforts could use a fresh spark, give us a call to learn what Tripepi Smith can do for you. 

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