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February, 2014 

We love LinkedIn. It's a social media channel like no other, acting as an online resume, a discussion platform, and a place to connect with colleagues, all with a refreshing lack of cute cat photos. It is also a great place to recruit new employees and advertise your products. 
If your profile could use a little love, or if you (gasp) don't have one yet, read on for a few simple tips to get you started and help you look like a pro.  
Seven Essential Elements of Your LinkedIn Profile


Over the past several years, LinkedIn has become an essential part of business networking. It is a professional signal, sending its message to connections and potential employers about your work history, experience, and technological savvy.


Of course, the last thing most busy professionals want is one more thing on their to-do lists, so we've boiled down your LinkedIn profile to seven essential parts.
1. Make your profile public. LinkedIn is generally one of the top results when a person's name is searched in Google or Bing, but only limited aspects can be seen by default; your full profile is hidden until someone connects with you, which defeats the purpose of using LinkedIn as a source for new connections. Read more...
The Power of Marketing on LinkedIn


There are numerous ways to reach an audience on the Internet with your message, product, or solution. While it is not the largest, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the Internet today.


As a marketer, you can target industries, job titles, job function, geography, group members, age, gender, and even employers. That last one is extremely powerful. You can target recruiting ads at a competitor's team. You can just as easily aim your messages at a company you have in your sights with the hope of generating brand familiarity before your next big presentation. The LinkedIn advertising platform provides on of the most effective, surgical strikes available in the marketing world. Read more... 

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Client Spotlight:

Civiltec Engineering brought Tripepi Smith on in 2012 to overhaul their website and social media presence. The work included  getting their team up and running with LinkedIn. 
Working with Senior Vice President David Byrum, we reviewed the LinkedIn profiles of key employees and consulted with each individual as to how they could improve their online representation. Some needed just minor tweaks while others were starting from scratch. 
As employees improve their profiles, they are rewarded with gift cards at certain bench marks. The company now has 50 employees on LinkedIn, and 530 followers who get regular updates about the company's news. You can follow them too by clicking here.  


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