Goliath's Tools for David's Cause
January, 2014 

If there's one thing you can absolutely count on in this world it's this: as soon as you get used to the technology you're using, better technology will come along. 
But the thing to focus on here is the word "better." While change can be scary, the overall trend in technology is toward broader availability of powerful tools for organizations of all sizes. So take a deep breath, read on, and remember, if you start to feel overwhelmed - we're here for you.
Cloud Ecosystems Explained


2013 saw Microsoft and Google locked in a battle to control cloud enterprise services. These systems (often referred to as "cloud technology ecosystems," due to their holistic approach to data management) leverage cloud technologies to deliver cost-effective technologies to organizations both large and small. They are a major frontier in the world of tech. 


Having implemented both the Microsoft and Google ecosystems, and supported clients using them, we've discovered pros and cons to both platforms. The following provides a brief rundown of what we've learned along the way.


Microsoft's Ecosystem

The company has focused on cloud-enabling all their applications over the last couple years with the assumption that the world is looking for devices and services. Read more... 


Google Voice - One Number to Rule Them All  

Google Voice is one of many free services offered by Google. If you have a Google account, simply visit www.google.com/voice to sign up and receive your very own Google Voice number. (If you don't have an account, they are free and easy to register for at www.google.com).

Once you've established your number, you can control how you use it and when. For instance, you can have the number ring your cell phone, home phone, or pop up a voice call on your computer. 

Read more...  


It's an exciting world out there and announcements of new technologies are made every day. For us that means new ways to better serve our clients both online and off. 

If you have questions about any technology you're using or how to integrate technology into your marketing plans, feel free to drop us a line. If we can't help you, we will be happy to point you toward someone who can. 

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Tripepi Smith recently delivered a Communications Assessment to the City of Livermore evaluating the City's practices and procedures for engaging with residents. Tripepi Smith's multifaceted approach reviewed multiple City resources, including the City's website, press releases, and social media accounts. Tripepi Smith also completed an audit and reviewed the media coverage the City has received. Read more...


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