Professional Resolutions for 2014
December, 2013

The end of a calendar year us a time to reflect on past goals and to make new resolutions. It is a great time to think about the things that are important in life. It is a great time to think about what we can improve on. In honor of 2014, Tripepi Smith offers up some suggestions for simple changes that can make a big difference. 
2014 Technology Resolutions


While family, health, financial security and some slivers of joy should always be at the top of your list of resolutions, it is important to recognize that our lifestyles are powered by technology. Making a resolution to take charge of your technology will help you achieve your other goals as well. Here a few tech updates that, if you haven't done already, you really should. 


Replace Your Windows XP Computer

You likely have a few ancient computers at home or around the office. Windows XP was released October 25, 2001 and was sold on the market several years thereafter. So if you have a computer running Windows XP it could be as old 12 years (or more if you upgraded the OS on a Windows 95 machine). Microsoft is ending any sort of support and software patching on Windows XP starting in April 2014. that means it is time to replace that old computer. Updating will not only make you more productive, it will also mitigate security risks.


Implement a Regular Backup System

People accumulate huge amounts of data in the course of their everyday lives. Between our computers, smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, multiple email accounts and various video devices, there is an incredible amount of data to preserve. Fortunately, digital storage is very affordable. Read more... 


Keyboard Shortcuts to Make 2014 Easier

Ever wonder what those symbols and letters on the right hand side of your drop down menus are for?   

They are there to help!


Most of the actions we do frequently on our computers have keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easier. 


If, for instance, you want to save a word document with a new title, you can simply hit shift+command+S, which is the same as mousing up to the file menu and scrolling down to "Save As."


It may sound a little daunting at first to try to remember the different keyboard shortcuts, but with even the smallest amount of practice you will start to wonder how you ever got by without these useful little tricks. Read more...


From the entire team at Tripepi Smith, we wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.
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