Engaging the Media to Tell Your Story
October, 2013

We encourage our clients to engage the media by making positive stories readily available: keep an up-to-date media packet, post positive stories on your website, and facilitate photo ops and video settings that show your good side.

Creating positive brand representation in the media is done with many small steps over time. Read on to learn more. 
Media Packets Promote Your Organization

When a news story breaks, writers look to cover every angle on the topic at hand. For instance, the next time a hot new tech company does an IPO, reporters will be seeking to craft a story about it. If you run a professional association for tech startups, a Google search will likely bring the reporters to your website, but if they can't find enough information to fuel their story, they will move on. Writers are always on deadline. Even waiting for a return phone call is outside of their time frame (especially if they publish only in digital format).


Enter the media packet. With a single click, reporters will have all the information they need to feature your organization in their article, giving you free publicity... Read more... 

Tell Your Story - The Easy Way

One of the most effective ways to tell the story of your company or organization is to have the media do it for you. However, you still want to manage the message that goes out. To do that, you need to think ahead and create material for members of the press to reference as they research their stories.


Here are some simple ways to position yourself for excellent press coverage. 


Present Yourself Well Online:

  • Create an official Press page on your website and make certain it's easy to find (a link in the main navigation or the header of your site is best).
  • Offer up high resolution images of key team members and current projects.
  • Maintain a company blog. It is a great way to push good news into the hands of reporters.
  • Read more... 
The news industry is rapidly changing. Old institutions are going bankrupt. New channels are erupting. National stories have more coverage than ever, but pieces of local interest are getting squeezed.
Recognizing that the media is operating at a frantic pace, you can prepare to make your company or organization a part of the story when an opportunity arises. It can be the difference between making the media a partner or a pain.
We wish you the best of luck in your media relations, and as always, we're here should you need us. 

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