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September, 2013

Search engine marketing can be a little daunting. The term alone can be enough to make some people yearn for the good old days when radio was as high tech as advertising got. But fear not! For this month's Tripepi Smith newsletter, we take some time to demystify search engine marketing and explore the many benefits it has over traditional advertising venues. 

You may be surprised to find that search engine marketing is not as scary as it sounds.  
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Search Engines & Market Shares


There's no question which search engine dominates our current online landscape. We don't "bing" a recipe for dinner, or "yahoo" the score of last night's football game. To answer life's pressing questions - we google. When Merriam-Webster officially added "google" as a verb in 2006, they were simply reflecting a sign of the times.   


In terms of market share, Google has held strong around 67% for years. Microsoft's Bing continues to gain incrementally, coming in at 17.4% this year (over 15.4% last May). Analysts are inclined to say that Bing's increase is at the expense of Yahoo! which fell from 13.4% in 2012 to 11.9% this year, but ultimately the stolen market share doesn't mean much, as both companies are owned by Microsoft. Bing has been the search power behind Yahoo! since 2010. 


Demographically, Bing and Yahoo! tend to target older individuals.

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Search Marketing 101

Search Marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses both paid and unpaid efforts to gain traffic and visibility through search engines. Let's look at the two main kinds of search marketing: unpaid (search engine optimization) and paid (search engine marketing).  


Unpaid search marketing, usually referred to as Search Engine null Optimization (SEO), is the ever-evolving art of tailoring the content (or keywords) on your website so that search engines (such as Google or Bing) find that content and list it at or near the top of their search returns. Read more... 

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