The Power of Newsletters
June, 2013

Sending out a newsletter about newsletters pulls aside the curtain on some of the work we do here at Tripepi Smith. In this edition, you'll read about how we decide what topics to write about. You'll notice how we lure you to our website with teaser snippets. You may even recognize how we practice what we preach by sharing some of the same expertise that clients pay us for. 

Why would we share our secrets? Because they're not secrets. They're simply things we think a lot about, every day. We've distilled them for you here to spark ideas and spur conversation about email newsletters - an incredible tool for organizations of all sizes. 
Common Hurdles to Good Newsletters
(And How to Get Over Them)

Newsletters are a great way to keep your organization on the minds of current and potential clients. Their power to bring in business, both new and repeat, is really quite remarkable.

Of course, if maintaining a regular newsletter were as easy as saying the words, everyone would do it. If you've ever found yourself facing these common challenges: 
  • We don't have time to write a newsletter
  • We don't have any news to share
  • We've started a newsletter campaign a few times, but it always seems to fall by the wayside
  • A lot of people have unsubscribed from our newsletter

We can help. Click here to read our tips on how to clear these hurdles and reap the benefits of a regular newsletter. 

Using Newsletter Analytics to Make Your Email Campaigns More Effective

Given how critical and effective an email campaign can be, employing newsletter analytics should be a priority. Most email newsletters provide informational metrics as part of their most basic packages and before you unleash an email to a large audience, it's good to know what data you will get back, and how to interpret it. Here are a few tips for reviewing email newsletter analytics:


1. Open Rates Matter. An email is counted as "opened" when someone actually looks at it in their email client and does not merely delete it from the summary view or route it immediately to the trash bin. Look at your open rates and compare them to industry standards, but also consider them in the context of the audience you are mailing. Is this an audience that knows your name or is it a follow up list from a convention? You can expect the former to have a better open rate than the latter. In general, open rates of 15% to 25% are considered a success.


2. Click-Throughs Matter. Read more... 


Drive Web Traffic With Email Newsletters


After months of planning, you finally have your website just how you want it. It showcases your talents, boasts (but not too much) about your organization's many

 accomplishments, and has perfectly placed Calls to Action to hook new clients and reel them in.


Now the challenge begins: how to get those potential clients to see your spectacular website. Enter your email newsletter. 


Email is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. 


CCMF: A Model of Success


The California City Management Foundation (CCMF) is dedicated to supporting and promoting excellence in city management. One of the many ways in which the organization reaches out to members is through a series of email newsletter campaigns,

each with a different purpose. 


Every week, CCMF members receive an e-news digest, summarizing and linking to articles pertaining to the industry. Every other week, an email goes out publicizing the latest installment of their "Meet Your City Manager" video series, and linking to the CCMF website. On a quarterly basis, the President sends seasonal updates to members, and the Executive Director is able to easily distribute important reminders to members whenever the occasion calls for it. 


Members never go more than a week without seeing CCMF in their inbox, and the open rates for their emails are far above industry averages. Their members are engaged, and CCMF has an open line of communication with them. As newsletter campaigns go, CCMF's is one to be admired, and Tripepi Smith is proud to be a part of their success. 

When discussing newsletter campaigns with our clients, we often share with them how each newsletter we send from Tripepi Smith sparks new connections - emails or phone calls - from old friends and new. It's hard to overstate the value of newsletters as a business tool. We wish you the best of luck in your campaigns, and as always, are eager to help, should you need us.  
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Independent Cities Finance Authority (ICFA) provides local government, nonprofits and other agencies the clout they need to finance important projects throughout California including housing projects, charter schools, hospitals and more.
After completing a website overhaul for the company in the fall of 2012, Tripepi Smith was engaged to create content for the new site, manage the distribution of their monthly email newsletter communications, and 
promote special events. 
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