Making the Most of Seminars and Conferences 
May, 2013

Conventions, trade shows, and seminars offer unique opportunities for professionals to get face to face. In a day and age when more and more interactions take place virtually, the hand shake has come to mean even more, solidifying relationships in a way that online transactions simply cannot. In this month's edition of the Tripepi Smith newsletter, we share some thoughts on how to take full advantage of your time on the show room floor.
The Power of Conventions and Trade Shows

The number one reason to host a booth at a conference or trade show is to create meaningful engagement with potential clients. But in today's tough economic market, is the conference still the best use of marketing dollars?


The simple answer is yes, especially for those of us in California.


Though numbers have fluctuated a bit over the past decade, an annual study done by Exhibit Surveys, which polls attendees from more than 30 US conferences and trade shows, found that in 2012

  • 47% of attendees plan to buy one or more products or services at a trade show (or within 12 months thereafter)
  • 81% have final say in purchases
  • Read more... 
Conference Strategy: Making the Most of Your Time in the Booth

Unlike other marketing efforts, where the launch of the campaign is the culmination of your work, marketing your organization at a conference requires preparation as well as significant effort throughout the event.

It's not enough to have well-designed banners and great swag. To really make the most of your time in the booth, you have to engage people, and that's easier said than done. Read more...
A New Look For ICFA's Conference Set-Up

When the Independent Cities Finance Authority (ICFA) decided to host a booth at the upcoming California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) 54th Annual Municipal Seminar, they knew it would require an overhaul of their conference presentation material, and they brought Tripepi Smith in to manage the effort.


After meeting with ICFA Program Director Debbie Smith to coordinate the organization's goals for their time at the seminar, the team at Tripepi Smith put together a new banner for the organization, focusing on the many ways in which their flexible bond financing can help cities fund vital projects. Read more... 


Tripepi Smith at Contract Cities Municipal Seminar

Tripepi Smith is looking forward to attending the 54th Annual Contract Cities Municipal Seminar, May 16-19. The theme for this year's seminar is "Best Practices for Building Stronger Communities."

As a long-time supporter, and Associate Member, of CCCA, Tripepi Smith believes in the value of appropriate outsourcing. This seminar offers a unique opportunity to explore the subject and interact with key decision makers in the industry. Read more...
We are honored to have so many excellent colleagues and clients to cross paths with at industry events. Whether manning our own booth or exploring the floor, seeing old friends and making new ones makes every trip well worth the effort.

Hope to see you soon.

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Client Spotlight:

Civiltec Engineering is a professional engineering services firm with a wide spectrum of experience in civil engineering and construction management.

In early February, Tripepi Smith completed a total website overhaul for Civiltec, including renewed branding and social media channel integration.

Since then Tripepi Smith has been pleased to continue our work with Civiltec, drafting news articles for the website, consulting on trade show planning, and supporting the organization's efforts through social media.

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