Maximizing The ROI of Your Next Event      
February, 2013

Hosting a seminar or conference is a great opportunity to engage with clients, keep in touch with the realities of your industry, foster a creative environment for problem solving, and promote opportunities for growth.

It can also be an overwhelming task. Managing RSVPs, reserving venues, coordinating speakers, engaging sponsors, and staying ahead of technical glitches are just a few of the countless tasks involved.

In the hustle and bustle that inevitably ensues around seminars and conferences, it's important to keep in mind the smaller things that will make the event truly pay off for your organization in the long run. For this month's newsletter, we'd like to share some ideas on how to get the most return on your investment in any event.
Getting The Best Return on Your Organization's Event

Hosting an event of any size requires an outlay of time and money. For this reason, it's important to consider what you hope to gain from your investment when planning a seminar or conference. Whether your primary motivation is to provide a venue for networking or to showcase a series of new products, always keep in mind that being the host will put your organization in the public eye. Plan ahead to make the most of it.


One often-overlooked opportunity is the inevitable creation of countless photographic moments. All too often, organizers find themselves after their event, hoping that someone took some snap shots with their cell phones. Don't fall into this trap. Photography is an excellent, easy way to keep the excitement surrounding your event high even after it's over, and to keep people talking about your organization. Post images on your website. Share them on Facebook. People who missed the big day will visit to see what it looked like. Those who were there will click over to see photos of themselves and their friends. Read more... 
ICFA's Free Housing Seminar

On January 16th, the Independent Cities Finance Authority (ICFA) hosted a free half-day seminar titled "Developing Housing Programs that Work in the Post-Redevelopment World."


Tripepi Smith came on board to help with planning the seminar early in the process, organizing conference calls and planning for the execution of promotional efforts. Closer to the event Tripepi Smith designed posters, programs and sponsor recognition displays. Read more... 


Extend the Reach of Your Seminar with Video

Tripepi Smith Video There was a time when seminars and conferences were a one-shot deal. Untold amounts of time and money were invested, and at the end of the day, everyone shook hands and went home. Thankfully, with modern video production services, such as the ones offered by Tripepi Smith, there's no longer any limit to the reach your conference or seminar can achieve. By engaging different levels of video, you can not only widen your audience (welcoming participants from all over the world), but also create a record of your presentations to reference over and over, all for a surprisingly reasonable cost.  


Say a water utility company wants to show citizens how to conserve water. They could host a costly seminar, or they could create a short video and host it on their website, so that anyone could view it at any time. Or perhaps your city has a training program for community volunteers. Instead of hosting seminar-style training sessions over and over, these classes can exist online for potential volunteers to watch at their leisure, while eliminating the ongoing expense of training. The potential applications of video are endless. Read more...  

Acoustics Matter. Sound Check Your Presentation

As a sales executive, you can easily spend a couple thousand dollars in time and materials for a big presentation that lasts half an hour. It is an expensive and critical thirty minutes. And it can be seriously undermined by last minute logistical snafus in the audio department. To avoid being derailed, consider these steps:

  1. Anticipate the size of the crowd and determine the size of your space - and do it a couple of weeks in advance of the presentation. This will give you a sense of how far you need to broadcast your voice.
  2. If you will be in a larger room, ask if a microphone and speaker arrangement is planned for the event.
  3. Determine what the seating arrangement plans are and if chairs will be in a fixed position or can be moved. You may find that in a large room with movable chairs, you can simply invite everyone to move closer should you need to. Read more...  
If your organization is in the process of planning or promoting an event, Tripepi Smith has a variety of services to offer in support. From marketing ticket sales to drafting welcome speeches, our team can take care of the details so you can focus on engaging with your attendees. Contact us any time.

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