Making The Most of The Words on The Page
January, 2013

Written content represents your company every day. The words on your website tell potential clients about your services. Precisely drafted reports and white papers can summarize months of work. Even the content of your employee handbook is vital to how your organization functions. For modern professionals, there is simply no room for ambiguous wording or glaring typos.
Six Simple Ways to Improve Your Professional Writing


In the name of forgotten commas everywhere, the writers at Tripepi  Smith would like to offer up a few simple guidelines that can improve almost any collection of written words.

  • Be concise. A few, powerful words are much harder to write than hundreds of useless ones. Decide exactly what it is you're trying to say and stick to it.
  • Always edit. Editing is how one turns a long, bloated white paper into a slick, to-the-point presentation of facts. As an exercise, next time you draft something for public consumption, try trimming your final word count by 50%. You'll be surprised how many words you don't need.
  • Keep punctuation simple. Put a period at the end of every sentence, and a question mark at the end of every question. Resist the urge to drop colons, semi-colons, dashes and exclamation points where they're not really needed. More often than not, a good old sentence does the job just fine. Read more... 
Finding the right words for American Golf

Tripepi Smithy recently completed an extensive content development project for American Golf.


The organization, one of the largest golf management companies in the world, operates more than 95 premier private, resort and public golf courses throughout the Unites States.


Currently, Golf America is in the process of updating the public websites for its many courses, to ensure that they are consistent, informative and easy to navigate. To help draft the extensive copy needed to complete this endeavor, they enlisted the assistance of the scribes at Tripepi Smith. Read more... 

Tripepi Smith Crafts Advertorial for ABM

In 2011, one of the nation's largest management services providers, ABM, decided to actively pursue the local government public sector.


Cities all over the country are saving money and delivering higher quality of services by bringing in private sector companies like ABM to do everything from street sweeping to capital improvement projects.  


In the fall of 2012, ABM wanted to craft an advertorial to run in the September issue of Western City Magazine, citing this trend in public-private partnerships.

Working with ABM, Tripepi Smith organized under a tight deadline to draft content dispelling some of the misconceptions city officials have about such partnerships  Read more...  


We take great pride in the content we create for our clients.

If your goals for the new year include creating or polishing up your organization's written material, be it internal or for marketing purposes, please visit the Tripepi Smith website for more information on our content creation and copyediting services.

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In addition to her work with Tripepi Smith, Shannon also works as a contributing editor at the Civic Business Journal.

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