Why Your Website Is So Critical To Your Organization's Success
December 18, 2012

Well executed Internet marketing campaigns hinge on an organization's website. An excellent web presence, one that truly represents your firm's skills and abilities, requires strategic planning and quality execution.

For this month's newsletter, we offer up some ideas to consider in terms of planning and budgeting for your company's website.
Planning An Inbound Marketing Campaign


In this modern world, we are all bombarded with literally thousands of marketing messages every day - from billboards to print adds to TV commercials. As a society, we are getting very good at ignoring these types of messages. We Tivo, we buy spam blockers, we drive right past billboards without noticing them.


As this sort of costly, outbound marketing gets more and more ignored, smart marketers are turning toward inbound marketing campaigns. Rather than broadcasting a pitch far and wide, the inbound marketing model places your services strategically in the path of individuals looking for someone just like you. It's cost effective, highly adaptable, and exclusively on the web.


The most important part of any good inbound marketing campaign is the website. The website is where potential clients are transformed into actual clients. Gone are the days when a website was simply an online business card. These days, websites serve as portfolios, sales portals, news outlets, document databases, connection conduits and more.


Given all this, smart business owners are reassessing how their online marketing efforts factor into their budget. A 2008 study...  Read more  

A New Website for the ACC-OC

The Association for California Cities, Orange County is a non-profit organization focused on bringing new policy ideas to light for local government in California.

As ACCOC matured in its first couple years, it outgrew its initial website, and its CEO sought out a partner to help take their web presence to the next level.

Enter Tripepi Smith... Read more.

ICFA Has A New Face On The Internet

The Independent Cities Finance Authority has launched a new website to freshen up their look and offer a far larger range of information to bankers, elected officials and citizens.

The team at Tripepi Smtih rebuilt the ICFA website from the ground up on a WordPress content management system and added several features, including social media integration, easy content updating, and a more pleasing interface. The end goal was to offer more transparency on the Authority while enabling easy updating of the site's content.

Tripepi Smith has been retained to provide ongoing social media management, website updates and email newsletter campaign management for ICFA to help ICFA spread the news on the projects they are enabling in communities across California... Read more

We take great pride in the websites and overall Internet strategies we create for our clients.

If your new year's resolutions include creating or upgrading your online presence, drop us a line. We can help.

All the best for a happy holiday season and great new year.

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