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November 2012
Pride Day
Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients
Self-Referral Semen Analysis
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Specialists in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, P.A. is a reproductive endocrinology practice providing comprehensive and compassionate reproductive endocrine care. Services include IVF, preimplantation genetic implantation diagnosis (PGD), egg donation, embryo donation, oocyte cryopreservation, gestational surrogacy, conventional surrogacy, cryopreservation of ovarian/testicular cells/tissues, sex selection, gynecology, genetics, endocrinology as well as menopausal diagnostic and treatment services.

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Pride Day in Southwest Florida


hands Annually Southwest Florida Pride hosts a festival-like event filled with music, laughter and a sense of "pride" where there are no limitations to the individuals who attend. The organization is dedicated to educating the community about equality amongst couples of the same gender.


This year's theme, "Pride links us together," was a perfect portrayal of all local businesses involved - including Specialists in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery (SRMS). SRMS was pleased to participate and provided knowledge and encouragement for those hoping to achieve a family.


SRMS is continually participating in the community awareness events with a goal to educate individuals about infertility and family planning needs. A non-faith based facility, SRMS strives to help everyone who desires create a family, regardless of their religion, gender or marital status.

Free Medication Available to Preserve Fertility Potential for Cancer Patients 
Fertility and family building after cancer is certainly possible. It has long been known that cancer treatment often results in a significant loss of fertility potential. Many women with cancer would benefit from freezing their eggs or performing IVF and freezing their embryos prior to cancer surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment.


We are pleased to announce that Ferring Pharmaceuticals combined with Walgreens' Specialty Pharmacy are offering free ovarian stimulation medications to women with a cancer diagnosis desiring to preserve their fertility! This will save the cancer patient thousands of dollars in treatment costs!


For more information, visit  www.heartbeatprogram.com and be sure to spread the word!  

Self-Referral Semen Analysis Service Added 
dad and baby  


Perhaps a young man wonders if a non-prescription medication he takes has affected his fertility. Did the hernia surgery as a child impair his ability to have a family? Why is it he never got his first wife pregnant? Perhaps he just wants to know if having a family is possible understanding that half of all fertility problems will be found in the male partner. Normally, he would have to go to a physician to obtain a prescription for a semen analysis significantly increasing the overall cost and inconvenience. SRMS has made it a whole lot easier!


SRMS is pleased to announce they added a new self-referral self-pay semen analysis service to help men determine if they have a fertility problem. Only $183, it provides patients with a clear diagnostic evaluation of their reproductive health including volume, total count, concentration, motility, morphology and a sperm antibody screen with the results available online to be reviewed in the privacy of their own home.


SRMS has a high complexity certified laboratory with over 20 years experience performing detailed high-quality semen evaluations. In addition, they provide a host of resources for interpreting the test results, which is rarely provided by the referring physician. For more information or to make an appointment, please call the office at (239) 275-8118.



Dr. Sweet is on Pinterest!  




An artist himself, Dr. Sweet has joined the ranks of those sharing images, tips and resources on Pinterest. You can view his photography and other things he's pinned including science and nature, technology, art and nature.


If you are interested in the visual arts or just curious as to what images Dr. Sweet has created himself, visit his Pinterest page and follow him on the site.

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