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Giving more than money to those you love: 
What you have learned is as valuable as what 
you have earned. 
                                              Susan Turnbull 
To my colleagues, clients, customers and friends,

Keeping great cars in actively good condition for a long time is a tradition and point of pride for us, so when Old Blue, our stalwart station wagon, drove her last and 239,011th mile two weeks ago,  it prompted a sentimental look back at all the years and miles she represented in our family.


It was also an archeological expedition as we cleaned her out! Stashed in a cubbyhole in the back were a bunch of music CDs and one battered and unmarked home-recorded cassette. What was on it? I'll never know, because I don't have a tape player anymore and it wouldn't be all that easy to find one.  


Last week a reporter from The New York Times called asking if I thought digital ethical wills were a growing trend.  It's obvious that people are sharing their thoughts and documenting their lives in all kinds of ways using digital technology, and the ease of doing that is fantastic.

The downside is the cassette problem. If your goal is to leave a personal record that is enduring, today's best technology may end up in the same trash basket as my old tape.

Did you see the amazing story about the perfectly preserved Thirteenth Century birch bark letters and records recently unearthed from the mud in Russia? Old fashioned words on old fashioned paper will always be accessible, for years to come. My advice:

  • If your ethical will or personal history is in the cloud, or captured on audio or videotape, ALSO print off a transcript* of your words, and date and sign the pages. 
  • Make sure your audience knows where to find all the versions of what you have created.




* Contact me if you need the name of a good transcriptionist. 

Consider Giving Personalized LifeLegacy Cards

Do you know you can put a customized insert into the LifeLegacy Cards? This can be a good option if you are giving the cards as holiday gifts for clients or donors. 

You can use our holiday themed template, or create your own design for the 3"x3" folded enclosure. Click the links below to see samples of the templates for the inside and outside spreads:
We require 4-6 weeks to process these personalized inserts. Costs are outlined here. Contact Susan if you are interested in either creating an insert, or imprinting the gift box with your logo, which is another option for a giving an affordable and meaningful gift that supports the identity and values of your institution.

  • Presentations that inspire
  • Tools that are elegant, accessible, affordable
  • Access to coaches, writers, videographers to get it done: ethical wills, expressions of intent, personal histories

Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen invites readers to apply business theories to their own lives in his new book How Will You Measure Your Life? This is no textbook, but a personally revealing reflection of how companies, families and individuals can find themselves in corners they never expected because of the accumulation of circumstances or decisions deemed insignificant at the time.

 NOW Is A Great Time: Create a 1-2 Page Ethical Will


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