Convention Central:  The Convention Primer!
April 28, 2016
For those just now focusing on this summer's Democratic Convention, a primer!

The Place: July 25-28, 2016 in Philadelphia at The Wells Fargo Center & Pennsylvania Convention Center.
Republicans meet the previous week from July 18-21st in Cleveland.

The PurposeThe national political parties convene every four years to choose their nominees for President and Vice President, and to adopt a public platform or "plank" of issues. The Convention marks the end of the primary election period in June, and the kick off to the November 8, 2016 general election race for our 45th President.  
The Process: The four-day Convention Schedule covers official party business, speeches and final VP selection - and culminates in a state-by-state roll call vote for the Presidential nominee. 6,000 delegates from all fifty states, the territories and Democrats Abroad vote for the Party's nominee. 

The People50,000 delegates, elected and party officials, donors, activists, lobbyists, labor, celebrities and media will attend.  Another 35 million will tune in nightly by television.
The Players: Two Committees run the convention - The DNCC and the Philly Host Committee.

The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) 
Convention CEO & Reverend Leah D. Daughtry leads a team of veteran politicos who oversee convention operations, politics and public engagement, including Credentialing, Housing, Transportation, Site Operations, Media and Vendor relations.

The Top Team
CEO: Reverend Leah D. Daughtry 
Chief of Staff: Matthew Butler 
Deputy CEO of Communications: April Mellody 
Deputy CEO of Public Engagement: Brian Bond
Deputy CEO of Logistics: Zoe Garmendia 
Deputy CEO of Convention Complex Management: Travis Dredd 
Deputy CEO Administration and Finance: Angelo Carusone
Chief Counsel: Danielle Cooper-Daughtry
Communications: Facilitates the DNCC's message, information and interaction with the public through the press & online media tools. 
Director of Press Relations: Kyle Anderson
Press Secretary: Lee Whack 
Deputy Press Secretary: Morgan Finkelstein
Deputy Press Secretary: Christopher Huntley  
Assistant Press Secretary: Jessica Torres
Director of Press Operations: Kelli Farr
Digital Director: Kelli Klein 
Deputy Digital Director: Heather Barmore
Public Engagement: The link between the convention and the public at large, including party leaders, constituency groups and governments.
Deputy Director of Public Engagement: Portia Reddick-White
Senior Advisor and Director of Government Relations: Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno
Director of Constituent & Allied Outreach: Tamia Booker
Director of Party Leader Outreach: Clark Lee
Director of Public Participation: Joe Hill
Director of Special Events: Stacy Eichner
Associate Director of Public Engagement Davey McKissick

Logistics: The critical operations that keep the convention running smoothly. 
Director of Credentials: Lisa Hargrove-Ware
Associate Director of Credentials: Gina Manley
Director of Housing: Jean Doherty
Director of Security: Jeffrey Gavin
Director of Transportation: Andrew Ballard

Complex Management: Logistics and operations of the various convention venues.
Staff Director, Complex Management:  Amy Chiou
Director of Hall Management: Monica Ortiz
Director of Hall Operations: Eric Munson
Director of Media Logistics: Karen Burchard

Administration & Finance
Director of Operations: Casey Frary
Associate Director of Operations:  Victoria Meaney
Director of Human Resources & Administration: Judy Magee

Technology: Management of the strategic technical, presentation and operational needs of the other departments.
Chief Innovation Officer: Andrew Binns
Innovation Coordinator: Shelby Wagenseller
Director of Technology: Darryl Stanley

Production: Management and creative production of the convention as presented on television.
Executive Producers: Ricky Kirshner & Vicangelo Bulluck
The 2016 Philadelphia Host Committee is led by former Governor Ed Rendell and Philly's finest citizens, and are responsible for promoting the host city and raising the bulk of the $85 million to hold the convention (Note: 2014 legislation eliminated the $18 million federal funding allocation for party conventions). The convention will infuse a potential $300 million into the region's economy.

The Team
Chairman:  Honorable Ed Rendell
Executive Director:  Kevin Washo
Deputy Executive Director:  Angela Val
Chief Operating Officer/Chief of Staff: Lila Rose
Chief Financial Officer: Jason O'Malley
Director of External Affairs:  Jordan Schwartz
Director of Diversity & Community Engagement: Tiffany Neumis
Senior Advisor: David Cohen
Legal Counsel: Joe Sandler

The largest single gathering of party leaders and influencers, the convention is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with all. DemList will serve as the central calendar and resource for the over 400 official, unofficial, private and public events at the convention!

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Kimberly Scott
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