FAIR Canada's video series explains CRM2

How Much You Made and What You Paid - Understand the New Account Statements (CRM2)

FAIR Canada is pleased to announce the release of its new video series How Much You Made and What You Paid. The video series takes investors through the new annual reports that they will receive from their investment advisor or financial planner as a result of phase two of the Canadian Securities Administrators "client relationship model" project (CRM2). Investors can expect to receive their first copy of these reports between July 15, 2016 and July 15, 2017.

The reports are designed to help investors better understand the costs associated with their investments as well as understand the real rate of return their investments achieve. The first statement, the annual investment performance report, will show you the annual performance of your investment. The second statement, the annual charges and compensation report, will show you the annual costs of your investments.

The How Much You Made and What You Paid video series - a total of 7 videos - also includes an explanation of important issues that are related to the new reports, including understanding money-weighted returns and time-weighted returns, calculating benchmarks, and  how to account for trailing commissions and deferred sales charges.

Click here to watch the videos.