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Q: I've never exercised in my life and am afraid that it might be too late to start (I'm in my 50's and am about 30 pounds over weight) is there anything I can do at this stage of my life? Is there hope for me?


I believe that we are all natural athletes and that our bodies are just waiting for us to exercise these innate abilities, however somewhere along the way many of us have forgotten these abilities.  We forgot them because we haven't put them to use.  Maybe it's because as youngsters we didn't make the team and got discouraged. Perhaps we didn't get the right instruction and got frustrated.


Don't let the past dictate your tomorrow.  It is never too late to make a change in your life starting right now.

I know some very fit people that didn't start their fitness program until their 40's, 50's, or even later.  No matter how young or old you are, it's never too early or never too late to start a fitness program. it is scientifically proven that people in their 80's who started a weight lifting program were able to increase their muscle mass and improve their cardiovascular abilities as well.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Go out and make it a good one!



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Bicep curl  


You don't need weights to do an effective bicep curl!



You can add resistance with the opposite arm as illustrated in these photos. Repeat on the other arm. A set consists of 8 repetitions per side


Perform 1-3 sets. You may take an 8 to10 second rest between sets. If you do this twice daily you should be able to see results within a week!


If you don't have access to a set of weights there is no reason to skip your routine. Try this added resistance technique in other sculpting exercises you do.

"Whole Wheat Bread vs. Whole Grain Bread?

7-grain, 12-grain, whole wheat, all-natural multi-grain, whole grain, what is going on? Seems that there are too many bread choices in the aisles to know which one to choose.  To help, here is some basic information on whole wheat versus whole grain breads,


Breads that use a variety of whole grains have a greater range of benefits. For instance, flax seeds are rich in lignin, an antioxidant that may protect against breast cancer, while barley helps lower cholesterol. If you consume both of these in one slice of bread you get to enjoy the benefits of both.


So, how to choose the right bread for you?


Look for breads that list their whole grains (oats, flax seeds, barley, etc.) as a main ingredient, rather than in a sub-list of ingredients (these typically contribute less than 2% of the makeup of the bread...) Most importantly, keep in mind that whole grain products are better for you than refined grains because they use the entire grain kernel which is where the nutrients are, especially B vitamins, fiber, and iron.


The choice should be easier to make after understanding which breads are better for you. 


Gilad's Formula 4x


High Potency Natural Antioxidant With Many Therapeutic Benefits!
Astaxanthin is the active ingredient in GILAD'S FORMULA 4X.  It is nature's most powerful antioxidant harvested right here on the Big Island of Hawaii near the town of Kona.
Grown under the clearest skies with the cleanest waters in the sunniest spot in the US this powerful antioxidant is 550 times stronger than vitamin E and 11 times more powerful than Beta Carotene
Gilad's FORMULA 4X™, a High Potency Natural Antioxidant With Many Therapeutic Benefits



Gilad's Formula 4x Supports
  • Increased Energy
  • Recovery From Exercise
  • Joint Health
  • Sun Protection

In addition, there have been benefits in the following health categories:
  • Immune Function
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Cellular Health (Anti-aging)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Eye Health

I take this daily! "This is a product I discovered 7 years ago and have been taking it daily ever since with amazing results! Now I am making it available to YOU under my own label! " Gilad's FORMULA 4X." -


Other reviews



Formula 4X is fantastic!  I simply cannot say enough positive things about this product.
It is well known that Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant there is. Its benefits are well known in the health care field. My personnel experience with Astaxanthin is amazing!

My skin has a glow to it! I no longer need to wear foundation, as the natural appearance of my skin is prettier than any foundation, which of course is designed to cover flaws



Vickie, OR
Possibly the new wonder drug Really does what it claims...too my surprise. Even losing weight, from energy it delivers

Kathleen, TX
Thank you for putting a weight loss and body sculping program together and your Formula 4X Vitamins. Gilad, your Formula 4 X vitamins are wonderful. Within two weeks of taking them, my shoulders and knees has stopped clicking or making a popping noises. And I do notice that my muscles recover faster. Gilad, I thank you for the fast responses. I have placed my first order on your Formula 4 X Vitamins and noticed it was going to a different state than where it should be going..... my home.... lol... your service got on top of it fast and corrected it, and got i got them with in 3 days. And my second order came fast too. Thank you Gilad, Sincerely Yours, Kathleen

Jessica, OH
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I have had so much energy while working out and I don't feel any soreness the following day! Totally Awesome! :)


 More about Gilad's Formula 4x here

From 210 to 120lbs!
"I weighed 210 pounds. I didn't feel well, I was eating the wrong foods and had a real sick feeling inside. I knew I had to do something.

One day I saw Gilad on TV and my fitness journey began.To make a long story short,  I am now 120 pounds and wear a size 2. Thank you Gilad."

Well done Vickie you look awesome!

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