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Q: What should we know about our 'Body Fat Percentage'?


A: The 'Body Fat Percentage' is the percentage of our weight which is made up of fat. The parts that aren't fat are called 'Lean Body Mass' (such as bone and muscle).


A 160-pound person with a lean body mass of 136 lbs has 15 percent body fat (24 lbs of fat). That is actually good because our bodies need a certain amount of fat for insulation, energy storage, hormone production, and other functions.


Ask your doctor to measure your 'Body Fat Percentage' for you. Here is a guideline for what a good 'Body Fat Percentage' should be:




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Mapping your fitness program

There are 3 important factors to consider when mapping out your fitness program. They are crucial to keeping you inspired and motivated.


 No 1. Set realistic goals. Start with an easy goal you know you can achieve. Work within your own ability to perform. You need to take a step-by-step approach to any fitness program. Set small goals and achieve them one by one. A series of small accomplishments over time will lead to big improvements before you even realize it.


 No 2. Take a positive approach.  Congratulations! You have made the decision to improve your life. That is reason enough to feel good about yourself. Now use that positive energy to power yourself through your new fitness program. Be confident about making healthy choices.  

Approach your actions with a smile and optimism. Optimism increases your chances of sticking with your program.    


No 3. Measure your progress. The best way for you to stay on track is to measure your progress. That way you can actually see yourself improving.   

Years ago when I was a student I decided it was time to cut down on coffee, I was drinking six cups a day! My first goal was to drink coffee only with meals and to have only one and a half cups per meal for a period of 2 weeks.


I was able to  handle that so I proceeded to make my next measurable goal. I had one cup of coffee every two meals. After another two weeks, I set my final measurable goal. Now I'll have only one cup
of coffee a day, and only in the morning.    

By taking controlled and measurable steps to achieving your goals, you can alter, change or eliminate bad habits. Through the same process you can also introduce and cultivate good habits in your life.



Natural energy pick-ups!
Here are a few examples of snacks that will give you a sustained pick-up and also keep your blood sugar level balanced.
  • Seasonal Fruit
  • A Handful of Natural Nuts (Almonds & Hazelnuts
    with Seeds & Raisins)
  • A Handful of Fresh Berries (Strawberries,
    Blueberries, Raspberries, etc.)
  • Fresh Veggies (Carrots & Celery Sticks, etc.)
  • A Health Protein Smoothie (Made with Fresh
    Fruits & Protein Powder) 


What about sugary snacks?
If you have a piece of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream, have it after a meal that contains protein and complex carbohydrates when your digestive system is already active. This way you will not disrupt your blood sugar level as much as having a sugary snack on an empty stomach.

Gilad's Beginner's Starter Pack


This pack contains 4 of Gilad's  
beginner workouts plus Gilad's popular Quick Fit System

This  is a great set of DVDs for beginners and for those that have been away from exercising for some time. 


You get:

  • The 60 and 30 Minute Low Impact Workouts (2 workouts)
  • Beginners Weight Loss and Toning Program
  • Sculpt and Tone Workout  
  • Gilad's Quick Fit System (a total weight management program) 


All for only $89.75!
(You save $25.00)



We also have a pack without the Quick Fit System for




Are you a beginner? 

If you are not a regular exerciser, or if you have trouble completing the hour workout shows on TV, you are considered a begginner.  But take heart!  This is only a temporary condition.   Once you start exercising regularly you will become proficient in no time.  The best part about being a beginner is that you are in the group that will benefit the most from starting a workout program.  You will experience DRAMATIC changes in your health and appearance very quickly. 

This pack will help you!    


 More about the Beginner's Starter Pack Here
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