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Q: Do you recommend taking vitamin supplements?


A:  As a general rule, if you are eating a well balanced natural diet rich in fruits and vegetables then you are probably getting all the vitamins you need. 
The use of vitamin supplements is often unnecessary and overuse can even be dangerous.



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The 3 components of a successful fitness program

Everyone knows that the three most important components to a healthy and long lasting fitness program are Exercise, Nutrition and Rest.


Today I'd like to make a brief statement about the 3rd component - Rest.

To me Resting can definitely be considered a workout! The more I know about fitness the more I realize that making sure you are getting enough rest between workouts can make or break your program. Remember, it is during the rest period that your body has a chance to recover from your workouts.  This is the time that your muscles have a chance to repair and grow stronger. If you neglect getting proper rest you will slow down your improvements and even risk injury.


So make sure to that you give your body enough rest, but don't rest too long or you will begin to rust...



Never underestimate the power of a good breakfast

Did you know that people that eat a healthy breakfast tend to be leaner than people that skip breakfast?   

 There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, when you fuel up early in the day it kick starts your metabolism and also provides you with the needed energy for your various activities.    


When you skip breakfast your metabolism will go into a 'defense mode' causing a drop in your blood sugar level that in turn could cause cravings and over-eating later in the day.

So start your day off with a good healthy breakfast and you will see and feel the difference!


Gilad's Super Sculpting Kit


This kit contains 4 of Gilad's  
most popular DVDs. 

A total of 18 effective workouts!


You get:

  • Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt
    (3 workouts)
  • Gilad's Express Workouts (15 10 min workouts)


In addition you also get: 

  • Gilad's Eat Right Now Plan
  • Resistance Band
  • Suggested Workout Schedule  


This set is ideal for intermediates to advanced. It's also a great fit for those on a busy schedule and can't always get 30 min or more to workout. For those occasions you have Gilad's 15 Targeted Express Workouts to choose from. Don't miss a workout! Just do one of the 10 minute Express Workouts when time is of the essence.   



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