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I have reached a plateau in my training/weight loss, what should I do?


The word "plateau" in my opinion is often over-used. It is typically a condition that describes professional athletes who have been over-exerting their bodies on a regular basis and are in need of more rest. Many times it will happen after months of intense competition.

In the case of us "regular folks" we tend to use that term when, for some reason, our weight loss has stopped for a period of time or when we feel like we are not improving in our fitness program.

Remember, when you are on a weight loss program and are working out, you are losing body fat and gaining muscle at the same time.  Often the scale will not show weight loss because of the simple fact that - the muscle you gained weighs more than the fat you lost! - Also keep in mind that muscle takes up less space than fat in the body because muscle is denser.  That is why often you will see inches lost but not weight loss...

I would simply stick with the program understanding that the body needs time to adjust to the new regimen.  If you are eating healthy balanced meals and adjusting your fitness program as you are becoming more fit, you will keep improving!

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Exercise for intelligence!
I'm happy to share with you that new research proves that regular exercise not only makes you healthier, it also may make you more intelligent!

In addition to causing the release of chemicals called endorphins, the so called "runner's high", it is now believed that regular exercise may contribute to the formation of new connections among nerve cells in the brain and even play a roll in the growth of new cells! 

So... Be Smart and Be Fit or Be Fit and Be Smart! It works both ways!


Gilad's 2014 Fitness Adventure Camp

Gilad's 5th annual Hawaiian Fitness Adventure Camp just concluded with guests from across the US as well as Europe and Australia.  The camp was held June 7-14 on the Big Island of Hawaii at the beautiful and secluded Kalani Oceanside Retreat, in the middle of a rainforest and across from the beach
conducted two classes per day, offering guests a variety of workouts from his latest DVD's. Classes in yoga, hula, aquatics and Samadhi dance were also included throughout the day and kept everyone's body in motion! 
We took an exciting to trip Volcano National Park and hiked
down into the crater and through a lava tube.
We had a great 80's night workout as well as a bonfire night at full moon with Rodney Kazimero, our staff singer/entertainer, who led us in song.

It was a great week of fitness, fun, healthy eating and precious memories with old and new f
  We have a day by day photo story on our Facebook page, check it out!

A  Tomato has four chambers and is red. The  heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, a caretenoid antioxidant, and are indeed an excellent food to support a healthy heart!
Slightly cooking tomatoes will help release the lycopene in them!
Gilad's Best Body Ever Kit
When we offered this last year it was one of our most popular DVD sets. We are bringing it back!  


This kit contains 5 of Gilad's most popular and effective workouts.

 If you are serious about getting in shape these DVDs are what you are looking for.


You get  

  • Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt
    • Cuts and Curves
    • Power and Grace
    • Core and More
  • Gilad's Total Body Sculpt Plus
    •  Peak Performance
  • And  
    • Gilad's 'Eat Right Now Plan'
    • Exercise Band
    • Workout Schedule


Here is what others say about the Best Body Ever Kit:   


Shirley, CT 

"The Best Body Ever Kit has a good assortment of DVD's with some full body workouts/cardio and some sculpting workouts.  The variety keeps things interesting and focuses on different areas of the body."


Carol, PA

"Can't say enough about the "Best Body Ever Kit".  Each video targets a different region/muscle group.  As you rotate through the series, every muscle group is toned up.  (The rotation also keeps you from getting bored.)  The exercise band was also greatly appreciated.  It adds an extra level of resistance and toning.  Interactive viewing of each video allows for beginning or intermediate levels of exercise.  Very helpful if you've been out of exercise mode for some time. It allows you to ease back into shape without feeling left behind, out of breath, and sore!  Thank you Gilad."


 David, TX 

"The workouts are at a good pace and are very challenging.  Gilad is great at instructing the proper form to follow for each exercise. He also somehow seems to know exactly when to check and make sure you're keeping it.  I bought the videos after giving up on the gym and so far I haven't missed going to it."


 More About The Best Body Ever Kit here
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