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Welcome to the latest issue of RBF News - our summary of the important tax, business and financial news and opinion you need to see the bigger picture, and make more informed decisions.


Economic Snapshot
Moving crowd on escalator in modern interior
It's been a Goldilocks scenario for the economy lately - strong enough to keep consumers and businesses feeling reasonably confident, yet not so strong as to give the Federal Reserve a date-certain to raise interest rates.
For instance, despite recent stock market volatility, Americans continued to enjoy personal financial satisfaction in the third quarter, according to the American Institute of CPAs. The survey weighed a variety of economic factors to determine the financial standing of typical Americans.
But in a separate survey, the AICPA found that business executives' optimism about the U.S. economy paused in the third quarter. The group's Economic Outlook Survey polled CEOs, CFOs, controllers and CPAs large in U.S. companies.  
Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that U.S. jobless claims continue to hover near their lowest level in 40 years. Claims have stayed within a historically low range in the past few months as employers retain staff to meet demand driven by steady consumer spending.

Taxes and Tax Planning
image of ice hockey players on rink
Boston Bruins and IRS face off - Hockey players can run up a big meal tab - so big, in fact, that Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is fighting the IRS in Tax Court for the right to deduct the full cost of feeding the team on road trips. The case, first reported by Bloomberg BNA, could have implications for businesses that send workers off-site and foot the bill for food and beverages.
3 common tax penalties and how to avoid them - The only thing more painful than owing taxes is owing even more when the IRS tacks on penalty charges. Author Kay Bell, writing for Bankrate.com, reviews three basic offenses that qualify, and how you can avoid the wrath of the IRS.

How landlords can write off rental property losses - The U.S. Tax Code provides limited relief for losses suffered by small-scale investors in rental properties, be they multiple-family homes, condos, co-op apartments, or stores. Columnist Julian Block breaks down the relevant provisions, and what property owners must do to qualify. 

Managing Your Business
Elderly elegant man on his recruitment meeting
Employees want more discussion on career prospects - According to a new Robert Half survey, employees want more feedback from their bosses on their career futures than they are getting. The report on the survey offers three tips for managers on conducting career path discussions.
Why more companies are rethinking their perks - Certain startups have begun to rethink the perks they've customarily used to attracted top talent. And while not every company can dish out the same kinds of offerings, the underlying logic for these recent shifts should have other businesses taking note, writes journalist Joe Lazauskas for Fastcompany.com.   
7 things that make great bosses unforgettable - For managers to evolve into unforgettable bosses, they need to stop thinking about what their people can do for them and start thinking about what they can do to help their people succeed, writes Travis Bradberry for Inc.com.

Around the Office
Beijing, China cityscape at the CBD.
Aerial view of the downtown Beijing business district.
RBF partner and Russell Bedford International chairman Bill Rucci attended the 32nd annual RBI member conference, this year held in Beijing, China. The week-long conference gave member firm representatives a chance to share practice knowledge, and to discuss business opportunities in China.

RBF partner Paul Bardaro (left) was recently interviewed for a segment on the show, Radio Entrepreneurs. Paul spoke about the origins of Rucci, Bardaro & Falzone, the firm's specialty areas of practice, and what separates a 'boutique' firm like RBF from the 'big four' CPA firms. A short video of Paul's segment can be seen here

In August, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) announced the opening of its annual Student Accounting Competition, which challenges undergraduates to help a business analyze complex financial issues, then recommend future strategies. RBF senior tax accountant Rose Dello Russo was a first-round judge on a panel of CPAs charged with evaluating the students' work.

Congratulations are in order for RBF employees Daniel Kretzenger, Patrick Doherty and Kathie Andrade for completing the QuickBooks Certification Training Program and successfully passing the program's rigorous exam.

We also congratulate Dan Collins, Rose Dello Russo and Branden Getchell (pictured, right) for participating in a very chilly Bay State Half Marathon held in October in Lowell, MA. All three runners completed the 13.1 mile course.

RBF welcomes some new faces to the team: semi-senior tax accountants Ivan Popov and Yun Ding, and executive assistant Daniela Mercado.

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