JAMsj 25th Anniversary Gala
Japanese American Museum of San Jose

Deadline to register: November 21, 2012

JAMsj 25th Anniversary Gala

25th Anniversary Celebration of the
Japanese American Museum of San Jose

December 1, 2012

5:00 p.m.

282 Almaden Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95113

Honoring the Legacy

By JAMsj President Aggie Idemoto


Respect for elders is a Japanese value engrained in the thinking and behavior of most 2nd and 3rd generation Japanese Americans. In this spirit, the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) will honor the  legacy of centenarians -- elders who led the way and served as role models for the ensuing generations -- at the JAMsj 25th Anniversary Gala.


Three special centenarians will be recognized at the dinner event which will take place on December 1, 2012.  

Rokuro Otsubo
Rokuro Otsubo

Rokuro Otsubo
was born January 23, 1913 in Imari City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. Living and working in Osaka, Japan most of his life, Mr. Otsubo moved to San Jose at age 96 to live with his daughter and son-in-law. He loves to read suspense stories, play Go (a classic board game that originated in China more than 2,500 years ago), golf, sing songs, and attend classical piano concerts. He also enjoys dogs and flowers. Mr. Otsubo attributes his longevity to eating a little of everything and keeping busy with a variety of hobbies and interests.


Virginia (Kasano) Asada




Virginia (Kasano) Asada was born November 28, 1912 at home in Cupertino, California. She  attributes her longevity to "eating good food and getting plenty of sleep." Living in the U.S. her entire life, she married Ichiro Asada in 1935. Before WWII, she worked in vegetable and strawberry farms. After being incarcerated at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, she was a domestic worker, doing housework for various people before she quit to raise her own family.




Grace (Noyoshi/Tatsuda) Akahoshi

Grace (Noyoshi/Tatsuda) Akahoshi was born January 13, 1913 in Walnut Grove, California. Family members claim that Grace's upbeat personality and keen sense of humor are key to her longevity. Mrs. Akahoshi has been a San Jose resident since her marriage to Joe Y. Akahoshi in 1937. She has been a trail blazer with the San Jose Buddhist Temple Betsuin. Her interests include Ikebana; her Italian dinner group; and her children, Reiko Iwanaga and Dr. Kenji Akahoshi, and their families. Her spirited personality prompted her great granddaughter to call her "Laughing Bachan."





Greg Kimura
Dr. G.W. Kimura, president and CEO of the Japanese American National Museum, will give the keynote at the gala.

In addition to being inspired by centenarians, guests will enjoy entertainment by San Jose Taiko; a slide show with a commentary about JAMsj's growth from an early vision for the community to today; and a look into the future by keynote speaker Dr. G.W. Kimura, president and CEO of the Japanese American National Museum.  

Photo: San Jose Taiko








Don't miss out! Register by the November 21, 2012, deadline. The price for the 25th Anniversary Gala is $100 (or a table of 10 for $900). Parking vouchers can be purchased for $10 for the Hyatt parking lot for non-overnight guests. Please contact the JAMsj office at (408) 294-3138 or send email to events@jamsj.org to register.




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