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September 24, 2015 
Birdville ISD e-nlightened
employee newsletter
Board of Trustees Meeting Summary
The Board of Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, September 24. The following link will provide you a summary of actions taken at their meeting.

Schoolwires Release Information

Schoolwires completed an upgrade to their system on Thursday, Sept. 17. There are a few changes impacting certain apps. The Schoolwires upgrade briefly includes the following changes:
  •  Addition of a two-way integration between the Google calendar and the Schoolwires Calendar App. When an event is created in either calendar, the event and all its supported details will sync to the other calendar.
  • A "Table" APP has been added to the app collection. Table App allows you to create adaptive (responsive design) tables on your pages. This new app eliminates the end-user from having to "pinch and zoom."
  • Changes to the basic text and full editor within the File Library, Link Library, Wiki, Podcasts, Announcements, Assignments, Blogs and Calendar. The editor changes were made to support the development of adaptive content and better editor experience across multiple browsers.
If you are experiencing any issues since the Schoolwires upgrade, please do the following:
  1. Clear your Browsing History
    Internet Explorer:
    Google Chrome: Type Ctrl + H and click "Clear browsing data...", select "the last 4 weeks" and click "Clear browsing data"
  2. Log back into Site Manager and edit your site.
  3. If you still experience issues, please visit to provide details. Your feedback is VALUABLE!!

Learn more about educational opportunities for educators.

  403(b) Plan Annual Notice

Digital Learning News Brief

Digital Learning Lab

To celebrate Connected Educator Month, BISD's Digital Learning Lab, a new BISD blog highlighting Digital Resources is being launched to assist in providing resources to help educators connect with other professionals and teachers interested in implementing digital learning activities. Jennifer Miller, BISD's newest member of the Digital Learning team, will specialize in assisting the District with developing a program to deliver Digital Learning Resources to the District.



Capture Teachable Moments

BISD's Digital Learning Lab is proud to offer a Video and Audio Production Studio and onsite services to BISD educators. The purpose of BISD's Digital Learning Lab is to provide assistance to educators interested in creating media to improve academic performance.

Why use video or audio in the classroom?
Video is suited to assist with a variety of learning styles, especially visual, and information acquisition styles. Through the use of media technologies, students can capture learning reflections, show experiments, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Need assistance with media creation? BISD has a team in place ready to assist and support classrooms around the District interested in video or audio production. How do you begin? Simply fill out the following request for Video/Audio Learning Resources form
and we'll be happy to assist you at our earliest convenience.