June 25, 2015

Board of Trustees Meeting Summary 

The Board of Trustees met in regular session on Thursday,
June 25. The following link will provide you a summary of actions taken at their meeting.

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Board Approves Salary Increases/Budget

The Board met in regular session on June 25, and with a unanimous vote in support of BISD employees, approved salary increases for the 2015-16 school year for all staff. Teachers will receive at least a $1,375 increase. Starting teacher salaries will be $51,000. For other employees, the 2015-16 budget provides an increase of 2.5 percent at midpoint of their pay grade.


In addition, trustees approved increasing the District's contribution toward the employees' health insurance premium from $240 per month to $260 per month.


The 2015-16 salary schedules will be posted at a later date. Employees will be notified in the "e-nlightened" when this information is available. Once available, new salary information can be viewed at MUNIS Employee Self Service . MUNIS Employee Self Service can be found under the staff link on the District's website.


In addition, the Board approved the 2015-16 budgets. The maintenance and operating budget for 2015-16 is $190,711,423. Key components of the operating budget include:


  • Funded a 2.5 percent raise for all District staff including a minimum $1,375 raise for teachers and a $51,000 starting teacher salary
  • Funded a $20 per month increase to the District's contribution to employee health insurance
  • Funded a state mandated $1.6 million increase in the District's contribution to the TRS system
  • Added 13 new regular education and bilingual teaching positions in response to enrollment growth and changing demographics
  • Added three additional assistant principals to provide full-time assistant principals at the District's most at-risk elementary campuses
  • Added high school counseling and graduation coaching staff and increased the number of days worked by high school and middle school lead counselors to improve focus on high school graduation and the district dropout rate
  • Added two diagnosticians, two LSSPs ( Licensed Specialists in School Psychology), and one support clerk to lower caseloads in compliance with state and federal standards
  • Added bilingual support staff necessary to meet the assessment and evaluation needs of a rapidly growing bilingual population
  • Added Gifted and Talented elementary interventionists to improve the quality and frequency of elementary Gifted and Talented instruction
  • Added a districtwide dyslexia specialist to support campuses in serving over 1,000 students with this learning challenge
  • Funded additional high school band directors to enhance quality and equity in band programs districtwide
  • Added additional technology staff to support technology upgrades funded by the 2014 bond referendum
  • Funded additional security personnel to enhance security at middle school campuses
  • Funded a graphing calculator replacement plan
  • Provided additional math manipulatives in response to full implementation of current math TEKS
  • Funded additional bilingual library resources for elementary campuses
  • Funded furniture and fixture upgrades to provide quality and consistency districtwide in elementary science labs
  • Funded an upgrade to the District's current reading remediation program, Read 180, to improve services to secondary students that are reading below grade level
  • Funded payroll technology upgrades necessitated by the Affordable Care Act

Board Approves Revised 2015-16 Calendar   

The Board approved the revision to the 2015-16 District calendar. This change was necessary because of changes in state testing dates.

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Don't forget to transfer your teacher website!
You can take your current website with you to your new campus within Birdville ISD for 2015-16.
Simply email Michelle DoPorto (michelle.doporto@birdvilleschools.net) your name, current campus, new campus and date of when you would like your website transferred.

Campus Transfer Requests eTransfer Application Instructions

Employees interested in applying for a campus transfer may access the eTransfer application (internal application) from the Birdville website. Please note: The eTransfer postings are generic and not an indication there is a definite opening at each campus. As openings occur, principals will review eTransfer requests and contact staff they wish to consider. eTransfer postings will remain listed on the Job Board through
August 28, 2015.


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