March 6, 2015

Did you get an inclement weather phone call?

During the recent winter weather, Birdville ISD called parents and staff to inform them of the District's closings. As a staff member, if you did not receive a call from the District, please log into MUNIS Employee Self Service on the BISD website "staff" page and verify the phone numbers you have listed in the system.


For weather calls, the District's calling system will only dial one phone number. Please make sure the phone number you wish to be called is designated in Munis.



       Go to the MUNIS Employee Self Service link on the Staff website under Staff Resources on the left side.

       Enter your User Name is your Employee ID number (exclude any leading zeros). 

       Enter your Password. This is a unique password you created. If you do not remember your password, click the "Forgot your password?" button.

       Once logged in ...

o   Click "Employee Self Service" on the right side 

o   Click "Personal Information" on the right side

o   Go down to the "Telephone" section and make sure there is a number called MAIN or PRIMARY listed under the Type field. If there is not one listed,

1.     Click "Add Telephone Number," and enter a description for the number (i.e., home, cell, work or landline, etc.) you will be entering.

2.     Enter the number you want called. (A cell or landline will work. Do not list your office/classroom number in this field.) 

3.     In the Type field, select MAIN from the drop down list.

4.     Click "Add" to save this to your profile.



  1. The system will dial the number listed under the Type field as MAIN first.
  2. If there is no telephone number designated as MAIN under the Type field, the system will dial the number listed in theType field as PRIMARY (Home Phone).
  3. If the Type field does not contain either a MAIN or PRIMARY phone number, you will not receive a call from the system. 


It is your responsibility to make sure your phone number is correct in the Munis Employee Self Service system and kept current.


Your Username is Changing


On April 6, ALL BISD staff user IDs will change. The new username for ALL staff will be 
b+5 digit employee ID (i.e., b12345 or b01234). Your password WILL NOT change.

This change will effect systems such as: computer/laptop login, Webmail access, BISD Secure Wi-Fi in iPads and smartphones, mail settings on iPads and smartphones, eduphoria! and more!


Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Clark, BISD's associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction, for being recognized as the 2015 Abydos Assistant Superintendent's Award winner! In addition, Kyle Pekurney, Steve Ellis and Ernie Valamides, BISD middle school principals, were recipients of the 2015 Abydos Principals' A+ Honor Roll Award at the 29th Annual Abydos Learning Literacy Conference in Dallas. Abydos Learning Literacy is a professional staff development project that brings about educational improvement.


February and March have been busy in BISD. In addition to the exciting things happening in classrooms across the district, I have had the distinct pleasure of making surprise visits on 11 campuses to announce their campus teacher of the year. During my visits, we experienced cheers, tears and even an impromptu testimonial from a fifth-grade student thanking his teacher for not giving up on them. It was a reminder to us all of the impact our teachers have on the lives of children.