November 14, 2014
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All BISD websites will be down 6 p.m. Saturday until 6 p.m. Sunday
Network maintenance at BISD's website provider will take place from 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15 to
6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 16. There will be a complete interruption of website service during the first 12 hours and potential intermittent interruption during the remaining 12 hours. All maintenance is expected to be completed by 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 16 and full services restored.
Any changes to the scheduled outage will be posted on the district's Facebook and Twitter feeds.
BISD Fine Arts students continue to excel
  • Texas All-State Jazz Band results announced
  • BISD middle school band members dominate region auditions

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BISD voters approve 2014 bond: Now what?

Now that the bond has passed, the Board and Administration have begun the complex process of developing a timeline for completing all aspects of the projects included in the bond referendum. This timeline will be published on our website as soon as it has been completed. Progress reports will also be posted regularly online.

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Hall of Honor


BISD's Athletics Department will honor the 2014 Hall of Honor class at a banquet at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 8 at the Fine Arts/Athletics Complex. For tickets, call 817-547-5820 by Dec. 1.



Keith Pickett

David Dixon

Rick Burleson

Tim Sanders

LaShan Malunowe

Lindsay Wilhelmson Strong

School Psychology Awareness Week
Birdville ISD has 5.5 Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSPs) who provide consultation and assessment services to all 32 campuses. We like to be involved early in order to provide the best support. This allows more opportunities to support prevention efforts and make realistic recommendations that are helpful to school staff. Prevention is a better solution than labeling!
Here are some quick tips for behavior improvement strategies:
  1. Remember to tell students what you expect of them behaviorally and academically before they act. Tell students what you need them to do instead of using "stop" and "don't".
  2. Sort out why a student is having the behavior you would like to replace. Then help the student replace the behavior with a desirable alternative that serves the same purpose. Two common functions of behavior are to avoid/escape something (environment, task, person, etc.) or attain/get something (preferred item, attention from others, etc.).
  3. If one student in your class is having a problem that affects everyone, an extra level of positive behavior support for the whole class might be the perfect solution. This might include more frequent and specific positive recognition for all students.
  4. Be sure to implement a new intervention consistently for at least 10 days. Find an easy way to document what you are doing, and keep documentation simple. If your plan is not working, talk to a colleague or three and try to figure out if the student needs more teaching, a different reinforcer, or more/less frequent reinforcement. Also understand that motivation is a moving target that takes frequent creative reinvents.   
For more information, visit the BISD Psychological Services webpage.
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The Communications Department publishes the employee newsletter "e-nlightened" each week so staff can keep in touch with what is going on across the district. Email your pictures and a brief description to Communications and we will include them as space permits.

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