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Administrative changes announced for Student Services Department

The following administrative assignments were recently announced for the Student Services Department:

  • Lori Dazey, Shannon Learning Center assistant principal, will now serve as Administrator of Student Services. She is replacing Mike Shabay who is retiring from the district.
  • James Murphy, retired BISD principal, is being added as an additional attendance officer for BISD.
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Open Enrollment for Benefits 2014-15
Resignation Deadline for Contract Personnel
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Open Enrollment for Benefits 2014-15
TRS-ActiveCare rates and benefits will be determined by the TRS trustees at their June 5-6 meeting. BISD should be able to post, the approved 2014-15 rates and benefit changes the week of June 9.
  • This is a reminder that open enrollment for benefits will be the month of August.
  • Please view your emails throughout the summer for additional benefit and open enrollment information.
  • Be sure your address is correct in Munis Self-Serve as we will send additional information in July via US Postal Service.
Email questions to Babs Holly
Employee Benefits HUB
Birdville Benefits Website

  Resignation Deadline for
Contract Personnel
As a reminder to you, the last date for resignation for contract personnel is "not later than the 45th day before the first day of instruction of the following school year." The first day of instruction for 2014-15 is August 25, 2014; therefore, the last day for all contract personnel to resign is July 11, 2014.

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