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Are you currently having issues while using Schoolwires' Site Manager and  

updating your site?

The first thing to do is to ask yourself, "What Internet browser am I using when I am having issues?" If your answer is Internet Explorer, then you need to be aware that Site Manager does not currently support the IE11 browser. Schoolwires is working to resolve this issue in a future upgrade.


This compatibility issue only affects editing the site in Site Manager and should not affect the regular end-user viewing experience. If upgrading to IE11, our recommendation is for site editors to use the alternative browsers of Firefox or Google Chrome in order to avoid the compatibility issue. Again, the IE11 issue only affects editors using Site Manager; the end-user viewing experience should not be affected.


BISD teacher Kecia Dennis shares her story on KERA's "Teaching the Future."

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Richland High School Dixie Belle Fundraiser


The Communications Department publishes the employee newsletter "e-nlightened" each week so staff can keep in touch with what is going on across the district. Email your pictures and a brief description to Communications and we will include them as space permits.