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2013 Bond Recap
Safety and Security

The safety of our students remains of utmost importance in Birdville ISD. District staff work diligently to maintain safe and secure facilities.

The 2012 Citizens' Bond Committee reviewed safety and security by focusing on:

  • Upgrading front door and entry security to assure that visitors to every elementary and middle school campuses are processed through the front office;
  • Improving management of visitors on the high school campuses;
  • Providing front offices with clearer and wider video coverage of interior spaces; and
  • Controlling entry points through side and rear doors.
  • Their final proposal includes:
    • Adding front door buzzers and cameras at elementary and middle schools;
    • Adding front entry vestibules and barriers, where possible;
    • Upgrading security cameras across the district; and
    • Adding additional card access points for side and rear door. 

It is the district's responsibility to taxpayers to share the facts about the district. This document is intended to be a factual resource to the Birdville ISD community concerning questions about the May 11 bond election.

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2013 Bond Recap Safety and Security
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Proposed 2013 Bond Information: Fast Facts
Vacation Day Usage

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Vacation Day Usage

Vacation days are earned (accrued) by calculating the number of days worked from the date of employment through June 30. Vacation days shall not be used until June 1. Vacation days used in the current year must be earned from the previous year.


The exception to this administrative procedure occurs when an employee who has been employed within the district for more than one year, moves to a position that warrants vacation (all twelve-month employees accrue vacation). The employee shall be credited for the year(s) of service and awarded vacation days on June 1 to be used during the current year.


Buildings and Grounds employees shall not be allowed to use vacation days two weeks before and two weeks after the first day of school for students without approval of the department director.


Effective 2012-13 school year:


An employee who earns vacation has from June 1 of the current year to June 30 of the next year to use at least five days of their earned vacation. If not, the first five days will be forfeited after June 30. All remaining unused/carryover vacation days from the previous year, in excess of the five used prior to June 30, must be used by Oct. 31 or they will be forfeited.

The Communications Department publishes the employee newsletter "e-nlightened" each week so staff can keep in touch with what is going on across the district. E-mail your pictures and a brief description to Communications and we will include them as space permits.