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Campus Transfers
The window to request a campus transfer is now available. Application requests will be accepted through May 3.

Both the eTransfer Application and login instructions will be posted online at: http://schools.birdvilleschools.net/etransfers.

Professional Learning Registration

March 29: Campus Professional Learning Registration Links

You MUST register by March 28 at Noon to receive credit

BHS Soccer Playoffs 
Birdville High School's Lady Hawks soccer team will play Boswell High School's Lady Pioneers in the Region 1-4A Bi-District soccer game at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 26 at Dragon Stadium in Southlake. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students. Passes accepted at the gate are: senior passes, TGCA, THSCA and District 6-4A Administrator.
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BHS Soccer Playoffs
Proposed 2013 Bond Information: Consolidations and Efficiencies
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Consolidations and Efficiencies
Consolidation has been a topic of discussion for many years. In spring 2010, BISD formed a citizens' bond study committee to evaluate district facility needs, and the topic of consolidation quickly became a discussion point for the committee. Since then, the idea of consolidations has not disappeared. In 2012 when a new committee was formed, they quickly brought up the idea of consolidation once again.

Based on the information provided the 2012 committee, they determined consolidation was something that had to be considered in forming their proposal. After much discussion, four elementary campuses were identified as the best candidates for consolidation. Birdville and Richland elementary schools and Francisco and Smith elementary schools were chosen based on proximity to each other, projected low enrollment, and rebuilding costs versus renovation costs.

Using facilities assessments, demographic and financial data, the committee recommended consolidating four of the oldest and smallest campuses into two. Their proposal would retire four of the most inefficient buildings to operate and maintain, and replace them with high energy-efficient buildings that are more cost-effective to maintain. These will not be mega-campuses. They will be similar in size to our newest elementary campuses and class sizes will remain the same. No teachers or administrators will lose their employment in the district because of the proposal. Savings in staffing will take place through attrition. Consolidation of four of the oldest and smallest elementary schools into two new schools will save taxpayers approximately $15 million in operating costs over the next 10 years. That is money that can be used for educating all students districtwide.

> Visit the 2013 Bond website for more information
Other Facts Concerning Consolidation

Why is efficiency important?

Since the 2005 legislative session, the funds BISD receives from the state per pupil to pay for educating our children is less than those in our surrounding communities. During the 2011 legislative session, legislators cut an additional $5.4 billion in state funding for education. These cuts also impacted funds available to BISD.

With the frozen amount from 2005 and the additional cuts from 2011, BISD continues to look for ways to become more efficient. This includes the need to consider consolidating some of the smaller, less efficient campuses.  Money saved through consolidation and other means throughout the district is money that can be used for all students in BISD on items such as educational programs, teacher salaries and equipment for students.

Will students from the Richland and Birdville elementary schools attendance zone have to walk to the new campus?
No, elementary students who live further than two miles from the new campus or across Highway 10, Belknap Street or Big Fossil Creek will not have to walk to school. They will be offered bus service to the new school.

Will teachers lose their jobs because of consolidating campuses?
No. Just because campuses are consolidated doesn't mean the students go away. Teaching staff will be consolidated as well. If at some point fewer teachers are needed, they will be moved to other campuses. However, we feel this will take care of itself with retirements and attrition.

No teachers or administrators will lose their employment in the district because of the proposal.

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