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Canadian Expat Network NewsNovember 26th,  2013

Saskatchewan Roughriders Win the 2013 Grey Cup!

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Highest sports viewership in Canada this year.

A great week in Regina.

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Great movie promotion for the upcoming Anchorman 2.

A few weeks ago while speaking with one of my clients she shared with me her feelings: "I moved to this amazing city with so many opportunities, I can explore art exhibitions like no other place in the whole world, I can enjoy theatre, I can have good food, but instead I feel so lonely and sad, my friend are so jealous at me, but I cry with no reason.

I took a deep breath and jumped over the gutter of raw sewage. Landing on the other side, my foot splashed down into a puddle, spraying my shoes and ankles. I grimaced and wiped the sweat from my forehead. 

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Ovechkin making a statement with upcoming Sochi Olympics!

Check out the pros and cons of 3 different options.

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