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Canadian Expat Network NewsNovember 12th,  2013

Augusta James and the NC State Canadian Wolfpack Golfers

When Augusta James was in Grade 8, she thought that one day she would earn a golf scholarship in the US. Her parents, who are both golfers, must have thought the same thing as she was born in 1993 on the first day of the Master's Golf tournament and aptly named Augusta. James is one of several Canadians who are either currently playing golf or have played golf at NC State University. James is also a member of the Golf Canada program over the last 4 years and is from Bath, Ontario.
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CEN Survey: Canada's Prosperity Ranking
What are your thoughts?

Canada Ranks #3 in 2013 Prosperity Rankings
Since 2009 Canada has moved up three places on the Prosperity Index to 3rd. Norway was ranked #1, Switzerland #2 and the US #11.

Tweet of the Week: Remembrance Day
Lest we forget!

Photos from the 2013 New York City Terry Fox Run in Central Park
A great turnout for a great cause. Congrats to all the organizers, volunteers and participants!

Featured Event: Holiday Cocktail Reception
Attendees will have the chance to win (2) round trip Porter Airline vouchers.

Six Canadian Cities Nominated by the 2014 Intelligent Community Forum Smart21
This select group of communities is now in contention for the prestigious designation of Intelligent Community of the Year in June 2014.

USA Curling Fundraiser: Will you be our Honorary Team Captain?
The United States Curling Association is proud to sponsor a drawing for the benefit of the growth and development of curling in the US.

Saskatchewan 2013 Grey Cup Host
The final four teams are Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary and Saskatchewan.

CEN 2013 Hockey Pool Standings
Ovechkin making a statement with upcoming Sochi Olympics!

Affordable Care Act (Four Part Series)
(Note: This is the 2nd article of a 4 part series on the Affordable Care Act courtesy of Keyser Benefits).

Shutdown Delayed H Petitions Treated as Extraordinary Circumstance
During the federal government shutdown, Petitioners could not file H applications because they were unable to acquire the necessary certified Labor Condition Application. This delayed time sensitive filings for many individuals.

Tax Tip: Moving to the US? Don't Use Your Parent's Mailing Address
Gordie is a Canadian who leaves Canada and takes up residence in the United States. Like many Canadians, Gordie decides to leave his investments behind in Canada and changes the address with his financial institutions to his parents' Canadian address. Gordie's investments make money and the income is reported to CRA.

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