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Canadian Expat Network NewsOctober 1st,  2013
Hockey's Back!!

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CEN Survey: Which Canadian hockey team has the best chance to win the cup?
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How will Canadian hockey teams do this year?

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As your Expat Journey Begins, get off to a Healthy Start
From Keyser Benefits.

Denis Brodeur, hockey photographer and father of Devils goalie Martin, died at age 82.

Eleven Canadian institutions will be present.

Noa Ronen's story and her decision to become a life coach and support expats families, groups and individuals who are going through life transitions.
Cross Border Taxes: How A Canadian Resident Reports a K-1 in the USA
We recently received a call from a client in Canada who invested in a California LLC and was issued a K-1 from the LLC. Our client is a Canadian resident and citizen only, is not a green card holder or in any way qualifies as a US taxpayer.

As of September 9th, United Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began using a new verification tool called "Customer Identity Verification" (CIV) at its local field offices. The new program should be in use at all local offices by October 21st.

Canadian researchers, led by a Simon Fraser University professor, have launched the world's first interactive website to raise awareness about the myriad of ways environmental influences affect our health.

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