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Canadian Expat Network NewsJune 25th,  2013
Canada Day Across America
Canada Day

Check out parties across the U.S.


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CEN Survey: Will you be attending a Canada Day event?
A lot of great events around the U.S..

Canada Day International announces LIGHTS to headline Canada Day New York
Saturday, June 29 will be an unforgettable day featuring a free celebration of Canada's best entertainment, food and sport in New York City. For the first time, Canada Day International, the organizers behind the hugely successful Canada Day London are producing Canada Day New York, a free daylong cultural, sport and music festival in Central Park.

Canada Day Expat Group Events Around the U.S.
Events throughout the week.

Red Cross Donations for the Alberta Floods
Severe flooding is impacting several communities in Southern Alberta including the city of Calgary, prompting authorities to declare a state of local emergency and order evacuations. In addition to evacuations, power has been shut off for many residents and there are road closures throughout the region.

RBC Executive Shares Memories of Transition to the U.S.
Everyone has a story of what took them to the US or other countries. Whether it was to attend University or work overseas, moving and living in another country can have its challenges. Certainly, there may be stress missing family and friends, but also the stress of adapting to the rules and laws of another country .

Life After The Game: Bates and Anthony Battaglia win The Amazing Race
Hockey players are good guys. Team players, competitors who are down to earth athletes. That's what the folks for the award winning reality show "The Amazing Race" must have been thinking when they wanted a hockey player for their most recent season.

Canadian Favourites Summer Savings
Get your favourite Canadian food items.

How Canadian Residents Receiving US Social Security Are Taxed
Let's take the case of our reverse snowbird Emily, a Canadian citizen who has been living and working in the US for the last 30 years and has fully qualified for US social security benefits. Instead of retiring in sunny Florida like a lot of Canadians choose to do, Emily wants to retire back in the frozen tundra otherwise known as Edmonton.

CircleUp Crowdfunds WAFU, first ever accredited investor crowdfunding by a Canadian company in the US
WAFU Inc. has announce that it has closed the first ever accredited investor equity crowdfunding by a Canadian company in the United States via CircleUp, a leading U.S. equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors to invest in private consumer product companies in the United States.

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