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Canadian Expat Network NewsJanuary 22nd,  2013
Video of Singers at Tim Horton's Goes Viral 
Video of Canadian Singers Goes Viral
 The video is approaching 1 million views.Click on the image to view. 

Marc Trestman is welcomed by the Chicago Canadians.
The New York City Canadian Expat attended a unique event on January 16th from a story telling event called "Yum's the Word".The show in which the birthday of one chosen audience member is celebrated with a unique fusion of old-fashioned fun and modern live storytelling -- and it's gaining in popularity with each monthly installment. The theme of this uniquely Canadian themed show was Moose Tracks.

2013 Canada California Business Summit Weekend & Celebrity Golf Classic
We are pleased to announce that we are in full preparation for our 2013 Canada California Bus.

The Annual Picnic will be held on Feb. 2nd.

Featured Events: Bryan Adams Touring in the US 
He'll be in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC this week.

Featured Event: Canadian~American Chamber of Commerce 2013 Winter Business Expo - Join the Canadian~American Chamber of Commerce for their fourth annual Winter Business Expo and enjoy a junior hockey game the same night
Gold Companies Looking to Forget 2012
It is a safe bet to say that 2012 will not be looked back upon with a great deal of fondness by the CEOs of the gold mining industry. From the executive suites of the largest gold miners to the smallest junior exploration companies, this past year will go down as the "annus horribilis" (horrible year) for investors in gold stocks. The S&P/TSX Gold Index will close the year down about 21%.

How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Affects You
What would the New Year be without a new set of tax rules? Well, Congress didn't disappoint this year and as most of you know, Congress recently approved, and President Obama signed legislation, that averted the fiscal cliff arising from the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts that were set to expire at midnight on December 31, 2012.

USCIS Announces New Filing Options for TN Visas for Canadians
What is a TN Visa? NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Laurier researchers use backyard rinks to track climate change
Public invited to upload their own skating-rink data to website WATERLOO -- Generations of Canadians


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