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Canadian Expat Network NewsOctober 16th,  2012
Canadian Caper: Argo the Movie
Argo the Movie
See the movie summary and reviews.  

Feature Articles:

Are you missing the NHL Season?

The video for the '72 Summit Stories at the Hockey Hall of Fame for the 40th Anniversary of the '72 Summit Series will be released for the next CEN newsletter.

Inquiry for Canadian expat reader feedback on US elections.

TN Application Update -- You can now apply by mail!
Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadian and Mexican professionals may enter the US to work for a US employer under the Trade NAFTA (TN) work visa classification.

East Coast Musician Dylan Guthro Touring in Europe
A great opportunity for expats in Europe to enjoy a talented Canadian musician.

Recruiting Opportunity: Forward Deployed Engineer
The company is Palantir in Ottawa.

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving! 
The origins of the American traditions taking place in Canada can be traced to refugees from the US, loyal to the Crown, who fled to Canada after the American Revolution .



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