Metro Alliance for the Common Good -


December, 2015

Report on the Leadership For Public Life Institute

Leadership in Public Life InstituteIt was an inspiring event. Pastors sat next to union leaders. People who've struggled with homelessness sat next to community leaders.  People of faith sat next to people with no religious beliefs at all. What brought them together was a desire to act for the common good of our city and province. They came to learn how to lead a community so that it can act together to address the issues we all face. At the end of our Leadership in Public Life institute, 29 people left to go back to their communities with new leadership skills that will give them the ability to make a difference that they did not have before. They left with new relationships that cut across the lines that often divide our communities. They also left with a new capacity to act together.  This is the work we do together, through the Metro Alliance for the Common Good

This is how transformation for the common good begins to happen in a community. It happens through new relationships, as leaders are discovered and developed, and as people who were once divided learn how to listen and act together.

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Your generosity will enable us to continue to develop leaders who can act together to address the many issues that our communities face. Thank you for being a part of creating a city that allows all of its people to thrive.

May your celebrations at this time of year be filled with joy and peace.

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The Metro Alliance For the Common Good brings together organizations and communities of Calgary to transform our city into a community which acts justly and respects all.
-Create a network involving people from diverse religious, non-profit, labour, neighbourhood and ethnic groups to foster meaningful relationships between and within these communities.
-Develop leaders who can promote healthy and effective civic life
-Effectively address the key justice issues facing Calgary
-Harness the voice and the power of the people of Calgary to transform our city by addressing the systems, policies, and underlying causes of poverty and injustice.
MACG is directed by a team of leaders from participating institutions. It is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the oldest and largest network of broad-based organizations in North America.

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