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February 2015
Vol 20 Issue 28


Practicing Month to Month

Dear friends,


During the month of February we will finish our series on mystics and  move into the ancient season of Lent.  Please plan on joining us for a multi-generational pre-Lent activity after the service on Sunday, February 15.  We'll burn last year's palms ready to use as ashes on Ash Wednesday, bury our Alleluias and hand out Lenten journey calendars for you to take home. We'll gather for a pancake supper on Tuesday, February 17 and Ash Wednesday services will be at noon and 7:30 pm.  In addition, I will once again be sending a daily Lenten meditation or prayer.  If you received this email from me last year you will automatically receive it again (click on unsubscribe at the bottom of any of them should you so wish to be removed).  If you would like to join this list for 2015 please respond to this email and I would be happy to add you.


In preparation for our March 1 Annual Meeting, please watch later in the month for copies of our Annual Report that will be available in the narthex for pick-up  of Sunday, February 8.  The tremendous generosity of the parish has resulted both in increased donations for 2014 and increased pledges for 2015.  Bless all of you for taking stewardship seriously and giving back to the church and to the wider community as you are able.


As we continue to look at stewardship as a spiritual practice Dave Lovatt has written a thoughtful and challenging reflection on climate change . Please take a moment to read it below.


With every blessing,



David Lovatt -   On the Climate Change Debates, Stewardship and the Church's Role


It's not hard at all these days to find someone willing to toss off a passionate opinion about mankind's contribution to climate change and what should be done about it.  Just scratch the surface though and you'll find yourself at the wickedly complex intersection of science (determining what and how to measure "it"), politics (the process of agreeing to action) and economics (estimating the effect and ultimate difference of the action).  The Church, from the Pope to humble parishes, now seems determined to join this interlocked debate under the guise of a good steward. 


As someone who has lived a life of both Science and Faith that makes my antenna a little twitchy as both my education in Applied Earth Science and subsequent professional life tell me that the underlying science is neither simple nor straightforward.   As a person of Faith, I am uneasy when I hear equally righteous claims to good stewardship being made that run the gamut from moving off fossil fuels as quickly as possible to increasing their use as a means of alleviating oppressive poverty.  But it's when the debaters begin to throw around naughty words like denier and fraudster that I know civil, let alone productive, communication has obviously ceased.  Perhaps less obvious though is a useful role for the Church to play in all this as a truly good steward.


A steward is someone who manages the affairs of another.  In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus' paramount teaching on stewardship, lazy and ineffective stewardship is contrasted with its good and faithful counterpoint.  In short, a person practicing the former does little but hide what he has been given to manage while the good steward wisely invests his "talents" to produce a multiplied return.  The eternal lesson as well as challenge for the Church is to focus on those talents we have been given and then selflessly exploit them to the Glory of God. 


With respect to the climate change debates it would be wise for the Church to first recognize that the more zealous true believers on all sides have created a toxic stew of immature science, advocacy and hype.   Should it choose sides the Church, without any particular scientific or economic expertise, would likely only be adding a naive voice to their growing clamour of antiphonal ignorance[*].  To merely ape the arguments of one side or the other, especially without useful expertise, would also be the lazy steward's way.

Alternatively, the Church could choose to reveal and bring to bear a talent that it actually has and that is sorely missing.  We do have institutional skill and expertise in conflict resolution.  Acting as an honest broker we do know how to create safe places for diverse people to talk, to disentangle issues, to seek mutual understanding and to work out broadly beneficial action.  


Ministering to the world around us with this talent would require the diligence of a good steward combined with more than a little dovish innocence and serpentine wisdom.  But it is also a talent worthy of multiplication in this world and maybe even a peacemaker's blessings in the next. 

[*] Antiphonal ignorance or ignorance from both sides as described by an old bishop of David Guthrie


February at St. Laurence

Friday, January 30 7:30 pm.  Wisdom Centre event with AJ Levine.  "Adam and Eve: Returning to Eden."  St. Mary's University McGivney Hall (14500 Bannister Road). Free.  Doors open at 6:30 pm.


Saturday, January 31 1:00 pm.  Wisdom Centre event with AJ Levine.  "David and Bathsheba: Refusing to Comply."  Beth Tzedec Synagogue (1325 Glenmore Trail SW)


Sunday, February 1

10:00 am Eucharist. 20th Century Mystic John  O'Donohue. The Rev. Cathy Fulton preaching. 

Monday, February 2   7:30 pm Parish Council Meeting in Sunshine Room


Thursday, February 5  9:30 am  Contemplative Prayer Service with Geri Urch

Sunday, February 8

10:00 am Eucharistic.  20th Century Mystics - Cynthia Bourgeault - The Rev. Don McLeod preaching and leading conversations. The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee will be preaching at Holy Nativity.


Thursday, February 12  9:30 am  Prayer Group with Stuart McKay


Sunday, February 15

10:00 am Eucharistic. Transfiguration Sunday The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee preaching. Please stay after service for Lenten activities.


Wednesday, February 18  12 noon Ash Wednesday Said Service

7:30 pm Ash Wednesday Service with Choir


Thursday, February 19  9:30 am  Contemplative Prayer Service with Geri Urch 


Saturday, February 21  

Coldest Night of the Year Walk with the Homeless


Sunday, February 22 Lent 1   10:00 am Eucharist. 1st Sunday of Lent The Rev. MJ Leewis-Kirk presiding. Conversations after the service; Guest speaker Jerremie Clyde will speak on Sustainable Farming


Sunday, March 1, 2015 Lent 2 10:00 am Service followed by Annual Meeting and sandwich lunch.