Evanne Grate and Kathleen Bissell are 2012 Most Valuable Angels.
Dear Friends of Kateri,
Kathleen Selling Coffee
Kathleen helping at a sale
The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund, a small 501 (c) 3, non-profit corporation, which works among the indigenous people in Guatemala, recognized the contributions of Kathleen Bissell, Pacifica, CA and Evanne Grate, San Francisco, CA with the 2012 Most Valuable Angel Award at its Board Retreat at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos, CA the weekend of October 27th. The MVA award is given each year to outstanding contributors to the support of the Fund. The Fund's purpose is to help indigenous Guatemalans improve their lives through education and income producing activities. Its offices are located in Pacifica CA and Chimaltenango, Guatemala.


Bissell is a longtime resident of Pacifica and served as a member of the Fund's Board of Directors in the early years. She has donated both her time and treasure. She has helped with sales, served on the Board, contributed her expertise advising on insurance matters, and has always been available when asked for help. Along with all this donated time, she has supported a student each year since 2005 and made a substantial donation to the general support of the Fund. She has indeed been one of the Fund's Angels.


Evanne Grate
Evanne Grate

Grate lives with her husband in the Lake Merced area of San Francisco. She and Kay Sweeney, Managing Director of the Fund, met at various Mission: Guatemala sales here in Pacifica. Grate has designed and maintained the Fund's website for a nominal fee for more than four years because of her commitment to women's education.


Chris Galvez, Board of Director's member, was honored on her retirement from the Board. She was praised for her longtime contribution to the Fund as it has grown from a "seat of the pants" operation to a stable, well organized Fund.


Nadine Skinner was elected to fill the position of Chair of the Fund's Board of Directors and will take office in January, 2013. Her experience working at Girls Inc. in the East Bay will make her a valuable asset to the Board


The Kateri Fund's Board also developed its strategic plan for the next three years. This is a critical time for the Fund as Kay Sweeney, Managing Director and foundress of the Fund, will be retiring at the end of that time. The Board left the Retreat energized and ready to work hard to put its plan into practice. They are looking for two more people to join them. If you have a passion for women's education or Guatemala, contact Kay Sweeney at 650 557 1591 or email: missionguatemala@hotmail.com.


In appreciation of all our volunteers, 


Kateri Fund Board of Directors


Jessica Flores, Maria Elena Alvarez, Kay Sweeney, Nadine Skinner, and Kim Vallejo


Kateri Tekakwitha Fund, PO Box 906, Pacifica CA 94044

Email: missionguatemala@hotmail.com

Website: www.mission-guatemala.org