Status on Camp Mokule'ia

The following is a press release dated February 24, 2016, from Camp Mokule'ia Board Member, Cecilia Fordham, regarding the damaging surf on our islands and the impact on Camp Mokule'ia.

Big Waves at O'ahu's Camp Mokule'ia
[February 24, 2016]  Monday's big waves on Oahu's North Shore brought surges of wave heights not seen in 20 years. More, perhaps of even greater heights, are forecast for Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. What's happening at Camp Mokulei'ia?

David Turner, Executive Director, camp staff, and Lee Bell, Camp Mokule'ia Board President, responded quickly on Monday to the awe-some power of the sea, taking measures to protect the people and the property at Camp Mokule'ia. For safety reasons all camp activities were cancelled for the next ten days. The camp is officially closed. On site staff have moved to higher ground. Measures have been taken to protect shoreline and sea wall. Onsite expertise from the DLNR and engineers began the processe to limit the damage and prepare for the next onset tonight, as well as the necessary issues that will come in the aftermath.

The good news, only a portion of the wall, the cottage, and the cabins are in jeopardy of serious damage. The Lodge and the remainder of the shoreline property is soaked with backwash. The staff and board are prepared to meet the outcomes. We will continue to provide updates after the next 48 hours.

Nature's work is scary and awesome. The camp is okay right now. Mahalo for your concerns and inquiries. Pray for Camp Mokule'ia and all those who care for it. E malama pono.

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