March 2, 2017
Stay on Top of the Term Market              
New lower rates from John Hancock 

John Hancock Term and John Hancock Term with Vitality are more competitive than ever! Our new rates are top-tier in more places, with the most significant improvements for monthly premiums.

John Hancock Term offers:

  • Significantly improved monthly premiums
  • Lower 10-year term premiums for women
  • A new Unemployment Protection rider that waives 12 months of premiums if the insured becomes unemployed
  • A conversion feature that now extends to the end of the level term period 
  • The John Hancock Vitality Program that rewards clients for healthy living
Don't let your client's retirement strategy be derailed              
Exclusive webinar for Financial Professionals from Prudential

Your clients have been saving for retirement but are they where they need to be? Have they prepared for the things that can derail all of their careful preparation?

This webinar will unveil the five derailers that can disrupt, or even destroy, the retirement that your clients have been working so hard towards. We'll explore actions they can take today to help fortify their retirement income for tomorrow.

Your Host
Hosting the call will be Lina Storm, Director, Advanced Marketing at Prudential. Learn more about Lina Storm and our Advanced Marketing Team.

What You Walk Away With
Walk away with strategies that can help your clients protect their income in retirement.
  • Specific points about each derailer to inform conversations with your clients.
  • Client strategy with examples of what might work best for your clients.
  • Knowledge of how adding more life can provide a supplemental source of income in retirement.

Consumer group plans LTCI rescue efforts
Long Term Care Insurance Regulations 

A group that speaks for consumer interests at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for years says the NAIC should give up on trying to save stand-alone long-term care insurance.

The Center for Economic Justice says state insurance regulators should instead encourage insurers to add long-term care benefits to products that protect consumers against other types of risk.
The Austin, Texas-based group made that argument in a comment letter sent to the NAIC's Long-Term Care Innovation Subgroup. The subgroup posted the letter on its section of the NAIC's website Tuesday.

Beyond Price: How Honesty Will Help Win Every IUL Sale
Give your clients all the information they need to make an informed decision

Let's face it, no one wants to pay any more than they have to for life insurance. So it's no wonder that when shown a spreadsheet of calculated planned premiums for comparable policies, the customer's inclination is to select the product with the lowest shown outlay. If it works for choosing flat-screen TVs with similar screen qualities, it should work for life insurance. Right?

What we know from a behavioral standpoint is that price is the logical tie-breaker when not much else is known or can be appreciated about a TV - or a sophisticated life insurance policy intended for lifetime use.

For Free

The TBA Mobile App was designed to give advisors the ability to be more efficient while away from the desk. This app has all of the tools needed to create sales as well as process paperwork more efficiently. It can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. It is available to download for free from the app stores of Apple, Android, and Kindle.

Available tools include:
  • Instant Term Quotes 
  • Online Application 
  • Needs Analysis
  • Licensing 
  • Direct Dial TBA Employees
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