February 9, 2017
Let's Start Talking About LTC 
How TBA Can Help

Life Policies with LTC is the new life insurance, and adding extra coverage to a life insurance policy is a great way to help your clients start talking about long term care coverage. 

At TBA, we have this list of carriers that offer these riders, and only add 5-10% additional premium on a UL policy. Best news is... rates can be guaranteed for life. Even more, life insurance products with long term care and chronic illness riders present an incredible opportunity for advisors to provide extended value to your clients and their families. However, among those products which offer living benefits, features are markedly different. 

To ensure that you are up-to-date on the variety options, follow this guide that explains the difference between these riders. 
Four Strategies to Mend the Insurance Gap         
How to Sell to the Under-insured 

According to the latest LIMRA study, the sales potential of the under-insured U.S. life insurance market is $12 trillion. Additionally, the sales potential of the under-insured market is estimated to grow by $300 billion per year.

 Educating prospects and clients on the financial value and living benefits of life insurance can make the difference when it comes to selling more policies and shedding the myths surrounding life insurance. With that as a starting point, understanding your market, initiating technological advances, and finding the potential to sell to the largest generation, you can be a piece to closing the coverage gap. 

Mutual of Omaha to Discontinue SUL & GUL-Plus    
Submit Applications Soon 

In the ever-changing product landscape, Mutual of Omaha recently announced its plan to discontinue Guaranteed Universal Life Plus, and Guaranteed Universal Life Survivor products (SUL). 

Please note: their most popular GUL plan appropriately named Guaranteed Universal Life will remain available and continue to offer your clients flexible features such as the Guaranteed Refund Option Rider and Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Terminal and Chronic illness at no additional cost. 

You still have time to get the SUL product! Simply submit an application on or before 03/16/17. Any applications signed or received after these deadlines will not be accepted.

Dodd-Frank Repeal 
How It May Affect Indexed Annuities 

President Donald Trump's executive order to review the Dodd-Frank financial reform law could wind up complicating the indexed annuity market for insurers and distributors.

Dodd-Frank, signed into law in 2010 under the Obama administration, contained a provision known as the Harkin Amendment, which guaranteed indexed annuities would continue to be regulated as insurance products, rather than securities products like variable annuities.

However, the amendment could be scrapped if the Dodd-Frank Act is ultimately revised or repealed, which would pave the way for indexed annuities to be governed by securities rules, according to industry observers, who say such a move would upend the distribution of the products.

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