January 5, 2017

Send in MDRT Requests  
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With the new year, it is time to begin sending in and processing Million Dollar Round Table Requests. 

For your convenience, click the link below to submit your entry or for more information contact tennis@tba.com or 865-282-4925. 

Term Product Updates        
From Lincoln Financial 
Lincoln Financial announced new information regarding term conversions including a new current assumption UL for term conversions for term policies that were issued prior to April 2007 and pricing improvements to their Life Elements Level Term and TermAccel that are coming in the first quarter of 2017.

In February, Lincoln will introduce a current assumption UL product

called Lincoln ConversionSM UL, that in most cases will be the only

conversion option available for policyholders with a Term product

introduced prior to April 2007.
  • The UL conversion product will be offered at a price that reflects the anticipated mortality risk of converted policies based on today's pricing and risk-management standards.
  • For the new Term Conversion Guidelines on Term products introduced prior to April 2007, there is an extended transition period to March 1, 2017 to aid in the transition for you and your clients.

Prudential BAR Information 
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Offers a 4% Monthly Benefit Payout Option 

Prudential recently announced a BenefitAccess Rider (BAR) update that provides a new 4% monthly benefit payout option. Now you have the option of offering 2% or 4% of the death benefit for Chronic Illness benefits. This option is now available on:

  • PruLife® UL Protector (GUL)
  • PruLife® Founders Plus (IUL)
  • PruLife® Advantage Indexed Universal Life (IUL)
This enhanced option is ideal for your clients that have concerns about the rising health care costs or are looking to receive a higher monthly benefit. Please note, if you choose the 4 percent option, the maximum initial face amount is $500,000 and may not be available in all states.

New From Platinum Advantage           
Launched January 3rd 

Introducing Platinum Advantage, this new policy can provide clients with a tailored product that matches their occupation and unique needs at the right price point. With more options, Platinum Advantage can help you reach a broader client base with the following features: 
  • Family Care Benefit provides income protection coverage for individuals who need to take time off from work to care for a seriously ill or injured family member.
  • Own Occupation Rider offers the highest definition of disability for highly specialized medical and dental professionals, as well as trial attorneys, who become disabled and can't perform the duties of their regular occupation.
  • Residual Disability Rider offers an Enhanced version that allows the waiting period to be satisfied with a loss of income or duties or time. Basic and Short-Term versions are available as well. 
  • Guaranteed Renewable is a built-in feature and Noncancelable is an additional buy-up option.

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