December 15, 2016

New Year, New Business 
How to Create New Sales with Term Conversion

The upcoming new year will mean new business, and prospecting isn't the only way to create new sales opportunities. Pull a list of your inforce business and review the conversion dates for your term cases, and we can guarantee there will be opportunities to secure permanent coverage for your clients with existing term policies.
At TBA we offer a term conversion packet, which provides you with the materials that you will need in order to effectively market this opportunity. We've outlined your next steps below so you can capitalize on a new sale without the hassle of finding new clients. 

Continuing Education Courtesy of Nationwide 
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Looking toward continuing education? WebCEŽ provides the highest quality online insurance licensing and continuing education materials in a fast, convenient mobile-ready format. WebCE is the nation's largest provider of continuing education for insurance and financial planning professionals.

 At TBA, we have an exclusive advisor offer for a redeemable continuing education voucher. For more information or if you would like to receive a voucher, please email Taylor Ennis at 

Your First Impression 
4 Aspects That Better Persuasion 

Marketing can be an overwhelming part of business, but it is also one of the most important aspects. It is an instrumental part in attracting prospective clients, which is the lifeline of any agency.
However, many of those in the insurance industry find themselves repeating the same marketing material, without knowing if it is truly effective or having a persuasive impact. 
With the help of GrahamComm, consider these four ideas that may help you begin a plan or strategy that is fit to persuade and make a lasting impression. 
1. Past, Present, Future
Example: This is how we solved the problem in 1997. This is how we're going about it today. The big problem is how we'll solve it 10 years from now.

2. Problem-Solution  
Example: The customer experience we offer our customers is causing us to lose business for these reasons (describe them). Here are the changes we must make to retain customers (describe them).

3. Good, Better, Best 
Example: Barbara, you told me what you're looking for. So, before making a decision, lets look at the three possibilities. One is just OK. Number two gets closer. But number three has everything you really want.
4. Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis
Example: Some of us view the need one way (thesis). Others look at the same facts but come to a totally different conclusion (antithesis). Since we all want to move forward, we came up with a plan that incorporates the key issues of both. (synthesis). 

Potential Directions     

10 Ways to Prepare for the Fiduciary Rule
With each day that passes, April 10, 2017 is a little bit closer. That's the date the Department of Labor's (DOL) Conflict of Interest Rule, also known as the fiduciary rule, will change our industry's regulatory environment, especially for the qualified marketplace. 

The DOL's fiduciary rule changes how someone becomes a fiduciary under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and sets forth a new set of standards for everyone doing business in the qualified marketplace. Make sure you're in the know about how the rule affects you and your business with the following link to 10 considerations. 

For Free

The TBA Mobile App was designed to give advisors the ability to be more efficient while away from the desk. This app has all of the tools needed to create sales as well as process paperwork more efficiently. It can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. It is available for download for free from the app stores of appleandroid and kindle.
Available Tools Include:
  • Instant Term Quotes 
  • Online Application 
  • Needs Analysis
  • Licensing 
  • Direct Dial TBA Employees
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