November 3, 2016
Find a Replacement Strategy 
Why You Should Have Key Person Insurance 

Whether it is in inventory, reports or cash value, "loss" is not a comfortable term in business. Most often, industry loss is focused on inanimate objects and dangerously does not consider the loss of a human resource. Businesses rely on their key employees to make significant contributions to its success, and it is important to consider them for the business' future. What would be the result of a business if one of those valuable individuals was no longer present?

Don't let a death, injury, or disability of a key employee impact your business. Allow the information below to serve as periodic reminders to taking preventive actions. You can ensure that the future of your business is not threatened by unexpected circumstances.

Symetra UL-G and Survivorship UL-G
Product Changes                                                                        

As a result of the historically low interest rate environment, Symetra  remains committed  to the Guaranteed Universal Life space and will be applying the following product changes. 


- The annual premium amount, including lump sum deposits and 1035 exchanges, will be limited to 5 times the target premium.

Survivorship UL-G

- The annual premium amount, including lump sum deposits and 1035 exchanges, will be limited to 5 times the target premium.
- The maximum policy face amount will be capped at $15 million.

Important Transition Rules

- As of November 14, all formal Symetra UL-G and Survivorship UL-G applications must be received in good order, fully completed, signed, and dated application, at the Symetra Home Office.

- Symetra Life Illustrator and Winflex illustration systems will be updated to reflect these changes.

- After this date, formal Symetra UL-G and Survivorship UL-G applications exceeding the limitations above will not be accepted.

Charitable Giving with Life Insurance 
4 Financial Planning Ideas 

In the fall of every year, financial advisors often address their clients' year-end planning that can include options for charitable giving. As asset values are rising for some clients, charitable planning may be back as an attractive planning opportunity. With this opportunity, financial advisors should consider discussing with their clients the use of life insurance as an overall charitable gifting strategy. The following steps below can provide the jump start you may need to begin the conversation. 

1. Name the charity as the policy's beneficiary. 
2. Gift existing policy to charity. 
3. Allow charity to purchase a new policy and make premium gifts. 
4. Use life insurance to replace gifted wealth. 

Security in the Risk 
How to Help Protect Your Clients From Financial Uncertainty 
As an advisor, your client looks to you for financial guidance in economic uncertainties and it is your job to help them navigate it. From the stock market to the cyclical nature of the economy, clients may look at finances from a different perspective than you and each client's financial experience is as unique as they are.  

It is important that advisors take a moment to recognize how their clients define economic risk and show them how life insurance can be a saving factor. Therefore in being prepared for the future, financial and economic uncertainty must be a topic of conversation and written into your clients' financial plans. How can you help your clients build portfolios that protect them and their families? Consider the information below. 

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