September 22, 2016

Especially for Millenial Producers

LifeHealthPro has created eight helpful tips based on research insights about millenials clients and agents, and how to reach those that may not share your prospective.
  1. Dress for Success
  2. Mind Your Manners
  3. Allow Time to Buy
  4. Leverage Price
  5. Factor in Brand Loyalty
  6. Acquire Referrals
  7. Build Rapport
  8. Put Away your Devices
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with Prudential

On Thursday, September 29 at 2 p.m. EST, Prudential will be presenting the webinar "Throw Your Policy a Life Preserver." Charles Perrault III will review the unique advantages Prudential provides on 1035 exchanges where the inforce policy has existing loans. Telenconference and webinar link below:

Dial-In: 888-240-3210
Access code: 343 3707

You may not realize it, but your income and your ability to earn it are probably your biggest assets. Individual Disability Income insurance protects you by providing monthly cash income. You can use this to help pay your bills if illness or an accident prevents you from earning your usual paycheck.

Could It Happen To Me?
  • A disabling injury occurs nearly every second of each day - on and off the job. That's more than 70,000 every day, more than 25 million every year.
  • Just over 1 in 4 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled before age 67.
What Kind Of Protection Can I Expect?

When you have Individual Disability Income insurance, the maximum benefit amount of your coverage is based primarily on two things: 
  • Your salary and bonuses
  • Your occupation at the time your insurance is issued
If you change occupations or change your duties, your coverage remains intact - even if you lose your job - so long as premiums are paid on time."
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The TBA Mobile App was designed to give advisors the ability to be more efficient while away from the desk. This app has all of the tools needed to create sales as well as process paperwork more efficiently. It can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. It is available for download for free from the app stores of appleandroid and kindle.
Available Tools Include:
  • Instant Term Quotes 
  • Online Application 
  • Needs Analysis
  • Licensing 
  • Direct Dial TBA Employees
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