September 1, 2016

Implications of Trump/Clinton Reform Proposals

Donald Trump recently released a new tax reform plan that differs significantly from his original tax reform proposal. With the campaign for the Presidency approaching its final stretch, this Newswire reviews the Clinton and Trump tax reform proposals, and what they could mean for the life insurance industry. 

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for UL Protector Products

Prudential has set to reprice the UL Protector as well as the Survivorship UL Protector. We have not received as to what days specifically but we have been told this will be taking place in either September or October. Although we do not have a specific date we do know what the material changes will be looking like.

The GUL will have a slight impact on our all pay scenarios of around 1% increase.
There will be a 1-5% increase on the short pays and single pays will see an approximate 5% increase. Also the BAR rider will be having a 4% option which will allow for a larger benefit withdrawal on the smaller face , still up to the IRS per diem limit of currently $340 a day. The Survivorship Universal Protector will see a 3% increase on all scenarios.

Prospecting isn't the only way to create new sales opportunities. Pull a list of your inforce business and review the conversion dates for your term cases, and we can guarantee there will be opportunities to secure permanent coverage for your clients with existing term policies. At TBA we offer a term conversion packet, which provides you with the materials that you will need in order to effectively market this opportunity. We've outlined your next steps in our latest blog post, so you can capitalize on a new sale without the hassle of finding new clients.

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with Principal

There's a lot more to business owners than just their job duties. That's why Principal® underwrites business owners for individual disability insurance differently than other carriers. Business owners usually qualify for a higher occupation class so coverage costs less. That can mean big-time benefits for your clients.

How does Principal rewards your clients?
Their underwriters look at a business owner's:
StabilityJob duties, ownership percentage and years in the business
SuccessNet income 
SizeNumber of employees

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The TBA Mobile App was designed to give advisors the ability to be more efficient while away from the desk. This app has all of the tools needed to create sales as well as process paperwork more efficiently. It can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. It is available for download for free from the app stores of appleandroid and kindle.
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