July 21, 2016

6 Lies You are Telling Yourself
And How they are Limiting You

This short list of limiting beliefs can not only stunt your professional success, but also your overall happiness. Review the list below and see if any of them hold true for you:
  1. I'm not.
  2. I am.
  3. I can't.
  4. It's too late.
  5. It's someone else.
  6. I don't have.
Free Business Planning Tools
You Should Be Using

There is a good chance that you have prospects or even current clients that are business owners. The real question is, what are you doing to optimize the opportunity to help them protect their families and their businesses? North American provides a full-service business solutions marketing suite to help you find the best option for your client, and market effectively to new ones too. We've highlighted three sales concepts that are essential when working with your business clients:
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Executive Bonus
  • Key Person
Retirement Strategies from OneAmerica

What do all these names have in common? Charismatic, I'll Have Another, Big Brown, Smarty Jones, Funny Cide, War Emblem and, Spectacular Bid?
They are all horses who fell short at the Belmont Stakes after winning the first two legs of the Triple Crown of horse racing.
Are you representing the third leg of a client's portfolio so they don't fall short in the end?
  1. Income
  2. Estate Protection (Life Insurance)
  3. Protection on income and assets (Long-Term Care)
The Cost of Raising a Child
And How to Protect their Future
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