July 14, 2016

7 Rules for Getting to the Top in Sales
By John Graham

It's amazing. So many salespeople with great potential either drop out or have limited success. Most have good skills, possess the right attitude, and want to get ahead. But something holds them back. 

What are they missing? Simply put, they don't know the rules for getting to the top. Here are seven that will help do the job:
  1. Do it now
  2. Hoard time
  3. Corral optimism
  4. Talk less
  5. Simplify
  6. Brand yourself
  7. Put the past aside
Important Updates from Lincoln
Conversion Rule changes

Lincoln has recently made some updates to it conversion options, as well as the commissions for them. Two things you need to know: 
  • No first year commissions will be paid for conversions after policy year 7 on inforce policy dates prior to September 12, 2016. Conversions in years 6 & 7 will be paid at 50% of normal compensation.
  • Moving forward, policy holders can convert to any permanent product before year 7. After that, clients must us a specific product designed for conversions.
And How to Respond to the Excuses

There are many reasons that clients don't think that investing in Disability Insurance (DI) is necessary, but what they don't realize is how at risk they are for needing it.

We have highlighted several reasons why your prospects and current clients think they don't need DI, and click below to see the statistics that prove differently. 
  1. "It doesn't happen that often."
  2. "The chances of becoming disabled aren't high."
  3. "I'll just work a different job."
  4. "I'll have enough money saved if it happens."
  5. "I'll get social security or workers' comp."
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