June 30, 2016

Got a lead?
Here's 18 Ways to Lose it!

You've gotten in a rhythm, and you feel like you've vetted hundreds of leads. However, when you get ready to make a move, or you feel like the prospect is about to seal the deal with you, all of a sudden they are gone. The following is a checklist of 18 behaviors that contribute to losing sales instead of closing them:
  1. Don't bother qualifying prospects
  2. Start by talking about what you're selling
  3. Don't waste time and money finding ways to cultivate prospects
  4. Never take time to ask questions.
  5. Be sure to drop the names of other clients. 
  6. Never listen to what the prospect is saying.
  7. Always assume the customer is looking for the lowest price.
  8. Don't bother trying to figure out as prospect's problems
  9. Forget about small accounts
  10. Always push for a meeting
  11. Throw in the right words
  12. Focus on the low hanging fruit
  13. Don't bother keeping good records
  14. Don't waste valuable selling time following up after making the sale
  15. Never bother to find out about a prospect's business
  16. If prospects don't buy, don't bother with them
  17. Stay focus on making the sale and ignore the prospect's buying process
  18. Never prepare or rehearse a presentation
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3 Arguments for Not Having Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a small expense in the long run, securing a sound financial future for their family or business after they are gone. However, there are plenty of misconceptions about life insurance, and sadly many people don't realize the importance of it until after they have experienced the loss of a loved one that lacked financial securityWe've taken three of the most common arguments for not having life insurance, and eradicated them.
You may have noticed some changes...
Here's why.
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